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This past week I have been participating in a orchestra called WOBZ. We made some shows and performed a piece called "Sagan om Lilla Vargen". It was a very nice time and some fun shows together with the musical constellation consisting of me, Olle Oljud, Girilal Baars and Viktor Zeidner. And maybe later something will be compiled into a proper release from this orchestra. The sounds we made we're quite ambient and noisy for the most part but in a structured format. Improvisation inside a frame is one description that comes to mind. The venues we're quite interesting also with two libraries and lots of small children listening.


We got some articles in the local papers:

Both are in Swedish but the last one contains a short clip to be enjoyed by all (users of different languages).

In other news, I got a nomination for "Best local solo-artist" in Local Heroes. It's a sort award show focusing on music in this region. Daymare, the band I play with got a nomination for "Best video" for the song "Friend Fighter". The video is by Victor Claeson and can be streamed below. Weather (aka Susanne Trolleberg) who helped me with vocals on the "Burning Words" LP has received a nomination for "Up-and-coming local artist" (a bit though to translate that one.. but I guess it conveys the jest of it). Sebastian (who I played with in Aerial) and his band Simian Ghost got the nomination for "This years local record" for their great album "Youth" and the nomnation for "Best local band"! Here is a link to the Local Heroes site:


Last weekend I had the privilege to be a part of a great musical session and art installation. The force behind it all was [krig]. The session/installation/happening or whatever you label it as was called SA-FA-RI. It featured seemingly endless music during two days, the second and third of November and a constantly evolving and growing installation of fabric, thread, slide photography, words and people.

I had a really amazing time and I was very happy to make music together with all of these acts: [krig], Eldahid, LO and Wild Invalid. It took place in Galleri LarsPalm while the festival Masspsykos was happeing on two stages. One stage in the same building and one in the building next to it. We had some guests during these days also who picked up a instrument or two; Sebastian Arnström of Simian Ghost. Olle Hedenström of Dead Lord. Elin Lindfors and David Lehnberg of The Deer Tracks.

The Deer Tracks have posted a short clip on their YouTube-channel from when they joined in:

Most of the music from these two days were captured as audio as well and my intention is to pick and choose from this audio to create something of a mix of what was going on. And to release this music in one form or another. Since it is so very much music it will probably take me a while to get this sort of thing together but eventually it will happen.

Below are some photos of this very nice weekend by Karin Bäckström.


Here is a link to the LP I mastered for LO & [krig] at the label website:

It features one track each by LO and [krig], listen at YouTube:

It can be ordered through Discogs:

Also, check out LO's and [krig]'s Soundcloud sites:

Endless Embark: track list and release date

"Endless Embark" is the title of the five song upcoming release. It will be released in digital form through iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Free download of the digital version will also be available through Bandcamp.

The release date is set for 2012-10-23.
And the track list are as follows:

1: Passively Stroked
2: Stagnant Seas
3: Geometry of Vacuum
4: Fractal Froth
5: The Whispering

As mentioned before these songs are mostly based on electronic sounds. The main theme for the songs is about movement and the potential of movement. And that standing still might in some ways actually be motion. No chance of being to explicit here I guess since it is a contradiction. This is of course only some of the things going through my head while writing the lyrics. Well, I hope you like it.

It will not solely be a digital release, it will also come in the form of a CD-R. Limited to 100 copies they are being created right now, below is a photo of how that work is coming along.

Vindöga 2012

I got the offer to be part of the FIA-orchestra ending Vindöga festival at Sandvikens Konsthall this year and I of course accepted. The orchestra performed improvised music according to the following concept (or rules):

I'm not sure where this concept has it origin but it sure made for some interesting sounds!

Below are photos taken by Christina Wannberg of the orchestra.

Jan Annerborn & Daniel Palmberg

Olle Oljud

Irene Sahlin & Per Samuelsson

Me fiddling with my reverb

Johan Sundberg

Here is a link to the festival website:

Christina Wannberg documented it all and you can find a lot more very nice photos from the whole festival right here:

Update: 2012-10-03

There are some things coming up. First of all I can now with confidence say that I soon will make a release. A five song release to be precise. While I was working on something that was to become my next full length album, a follow up and a step away from "Burning Words" I had some songs I liked but that did not seem to fit the larger context of what I was working on. When separated from the context, these songs fit together on their own I realized. So I came to focus on this smaller work first. And that is what will be released quite soon I hope.

These songs are more electronic in their nature then my previous music and focused more around synths and digital drums. One of them is actually a longer and more elaborate version of the song "Paced Strokes" from the "Burning Words" LP.

Some collaborative things in the happening also. At least one live shows together with other acts. Maybe more with yet other musicians. And I will also make or rework some music for a documentary/art film. Hopefully all of this can come to fruition.

Something that has already come to fruition and will be announced shortly is the release of a minimal techno LP featuring two great acts. And this is of concern here because I got the great honor of putting the final touch to this LP by mastering it. And I am happy I got to do it! Links to that will be up as soon as it's out officially.

Book trailer

My friend and fellow musician Adam Wiger got the question if he wanted to make music for a internet trailer promoting a thriller/horror novel published here in Sweden and I'm glad he asked me to join! Here's the result of us making sounds and melody and video makers doing their thing.

The novel is called "De Dödas Ljus" and is written by Björn B. Jakobsson.

Video: Grandpas Accordion

Anders Wesslén has been very kind and provided a video for the song "Grandpas Accordion", in my mind it's spot on the feeling of the song. Thank you very much! Footage from "Autumn Fire" by Herman G. Weinberg. This song features Martin Borgh on accordion, Adam Wiger on piano and Ludvig Blix on viola.

Release: Burning Words

Today is the release date for "Burning Words". I'm happy too see it reach your ears! Digital version be found at a lot of places, these are some of them:


And maybe most importantly through Bandcamp where you can download it for free:

As stated earlier it's also available in physical format as 12" LP. Which you can order worldwide directly from me at: carl.joakim.westlund[at] (payments done most easily through PayPal or if that does not suit you international bank transfer).

Arrival of LP's

I'm happy to announce that the LP's of "Burning Words" finally are in my hands! And soon, on the 23 of this month the digital version will be up also. If you however want a 12" the cost is: 100 SEK / 11 EUR / 14 USD + shipping.

Just e-mail me at: carl.joakim.westlund[at]
The payments are done most easily through Paypal.

Live: 2012-04-07

I will perform live at a art festival in Sandviken on Saturday 7/4. Looking forward to it a lot and happy I got a opportunity to play at this kind of event since it changes how I approach the live situation. I will play no songs at all, only free-form loops. What the future holds for live shows is hard to say but the with the fun I had making loops at home (and some agony when it sounds like shit) probably means I will in some way or other try to continue doing this.

Here is a link to the Facebook event:

And here is a link to the blog of the gallery who hosts the festival:

And maybe most importantly, the blog for the festival:

Post-show update:
It was great fun and of course my intention of only free-form loops changed, and while rehearsing I actually wrote something that now has become a song, "The Sign of the Serpent" a LFO-loop as the backbone has now grown in to some electronic drums and what not. It will appear on my next release of which I am currently working on. Anyhow, since it was a art festival there were visual art there also and I had the nice opportunity to hang the collages I made for the the "Burning Words" artwork and some other pieces I made during the same time. Here's a photo of that:

Video: Termination of short-term

As a first teaser for the album Anna-Klara Molin has been very nice and created a visual rendering for the song "Termination of short-term". This song features Adam Wiger on piano.

Tracklist and thanks!

I will one of these days release all of the songs from "Burning Words" as free download through Bandcamp. As it should be. When is, whenever. I however also plan to do a physical release, in which format is yet undecided (8-track anyone?). The album is elven songs and the tracklist goes as follows:
  1. A Mending Whole
  2. 13 Pieces Spread
  3. Nile
  4. Termination of short-term
  5. The Crystal Arch
  6. Granpas Accordion
  7. Paced Strokes 
  8. In Mammons’ Hold
  9. The Mess He Made
  10. Liquid Petals
  11. Enigmatic Megalith

I had some great help during the recording process from nice friends and one complete stranger. And the credits are right here:

  • Susanne Trolleberg - Backup vocals on 1, 2
  • Emil Johansson - Buzz Tracker keys on 1, knife and fork on 10
  • Ellinor Andersson - Sketching on 1
  • Ludvig Blix - Viola on 1, 2, 5, 6
  • Adam Wiger - Upright piano on 2, 4, 6, 8, 9
  • Sebastian Arnström - Backup vocals on 5
  • Martin Borgh - Accordion on 6
  • Unknown street musican - Accordion on 7
  • Victor Claeson - Backup vocals on 8

When Adam and I decided we really needed to do the piano parts for real (not VSTi that is, nothing wrong with that but everything specific has it's own specific demands) on this album Acke and Madde at Kafé Vinyl were very nice to let us record in the café during closed hours. I just can't fit a piano into my apartment.

The history of...

The making of music is a engaging process of which I have partaken in for more than a decade now. The bands Aerial and The Giant's Dream, of which I have been, and still are a part of, have been the foundation in creating sounds for me. Although not a decade old yet, The Giant's Dream will celebrate this anniversary next year, is still very much a active duo! (In our own wonderful pace). But Aerial has I am sorry to say moved apart, quite physically. I hope we one day might rejoin and make sweet noise. I am currently engaged in a band called Daymare which has just recently finished a EP of five great songs. And here only the future holds the history of which I have no doubt will be great. Not saying commercially, who knows how those things work? But more importantly creatively.

But not looking ahead right now but back. I have released one self-recorded, self-produced album before under the alias of "Voice of...". This was called "The Way to Mountain Sun" and was released in 2010 as free download and CD-R in a homemade cardboard box. These songs and live recordings from two occasions, under one heading "Live#001" can be found here:
Two songs from the live recordings, "Termination of short-term" and "In Mammon's Hold" are songs that have been recorded properly since then and will be featured on my upcoming album "Burning Words". Since I already strayed from past tense too much I guess this will conclude the history at this time.

(photo by... not sure)

(photo by Sebastian Arnström)

(photo by Ellen Westlund)