Alpha Mound is the recording project of Joakim Westlund, who has since 2012 released many albums, EPs and collaborations. His style is focused in the ambient genre and sometimes mixed into more deep going indie-electronica, techno and kraut sounds. The sound design is always a main feature where you can find complex melodies alongside slow drones and sparse rhythms.

Releases out on:
Lamour Records, Sound Meditation, Petite Victory Collective, Stålverk Records, & Do You Dream of Noise?

Other (and previous) musical involvements include: Access Times, Pölen, Un Programme, Litany for Sleep, The Entire Cast, Aerial, NO CODA, The Giant's Dream & WOBZ. I have also contributed on recordings and live with [krig].

Contact me at: carl.joakim.westlund[at]