Alpha Mound is the recording and creative outlet of Joakim Westlund who has for more than a decade been releasing music under this name. What has evolved into mostly an ambient focused projects draws influences and also sometimes ventures into kraut, post-rock and electronica. The sound design is always a important part of the creative process as is also the exploration and experimentation with hardware and different ways to make the music. The process of creation in itself is always paramount.

Releases out on:
Lamour Records, Sound Meditation, Mare Nostrum, Petite Victory Collective, Stålverk Records, & Do You Dream of Noise?

Other (and previous) musical involvements include: Access Times, New Age New Wavers, Un Programme, Pölen, Litany for Sleep, The Entire Cast, Aerial, NO CODA, The Giant's Dream & WOBZ. I have also contributed on recordings and live with [krig].

Contact me at: carl.joakim.westlund[at]