Happy new year!

Made a song today to finish off this year. Eurorack ambient. A generative foundation with the Turing Machine. It is two takes of modular layered and some melodic plucks played on top. Hope you enjoy!

BWLM 2021 - Hollow Light + Lamour Podcast

This holiday my track "Hollow Light" was released as a part the annual "Because we love music" from Lamour Records.

In the words from Lamour: "Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

All incomes from Bandcamp (after Paypal and Bandcamp fee) goes direct to Tim Bergling foundation and their work with suicide prevention and mental health and organisationen MÄN and their work for an equal and non-violent society."

Before this I was also a part of Lamour Podcast "uppesittarkväll" it was recorded live in front of an audience, which made me quite nervous to be talking, but that's how it goes, the podcast is in Swedish and can be found here (and also where you expect to find podcasts):

Artificial Dreams IV

Here all sounds sources are from Moog: Animoog Z and Model D in software form hosted inside AUM, and also the Moog Minitaur providing analog bass. Fugue machine is sequencing the Minitaur and Rozeta Particles is sequencing the Model D. Animoog Z is played live and looped in GAUSS Field Looper. They are all sharing one bus send with delay and reverb from AUFX. Some minor modulation is going on from Rozeta LFO. Everything routed and brought together inside AUM of course.

Artificial Dreams III

The Animoog Z/iOS ambient continues. Setup has been shifting with each track. In this one Animoog Z is receiving midi from both Xynthesizr and Rozeta Particles and the main dynamic control I have mapped to the MIDI Fighter Twister is amp envelopes (sustain and release) in Animoog. This in combination with controlling the speed of Rozeta Particles (and being able to bring it to a standstill) is the main control. I also use filters and audio effects like reverb and delay (Crystalline on the Xynthesizr and AUFX:Dub on a bus send).