AMR#014 (Pulses) - Irregular

Managed to squeeze one more hardware/looping session in before the year was over!

Reel Box

As part of this years Because we love music from Lamour I have made a track using a music box and a reel-to-reel player (and also, a lot of cutting and pasting in Ableton).

AMR#016 (iOS) - Longing

Had this laying around since may this year planning on do more with a similar setup. Never did though and now a new sort of iOS based setup is the focus so decided to release this as it is. The visuals in the background is courtesy of @deepspace_fine (at Instagram) and a big thanks for letting me use these!

Fall round-up

I have been snoozing a bit on documenting things on the blog lately. But since it is more for my own sake like a public musical diary (I don't expect people to be reading this at all) it don't matter so much! But here is a collection of things that has happened during the fall of 2019 so far:

The first song from my collaboration with Daniel Palmberg sees publication through Bandcamp:

This song also have a accompanying video that eventually will be made available online. So far it has only been shown on Exit Filmfestival.

Did a visit on the Lamour Records Podcast a couple of weeks ago! Kind of scary talking on mic but also a fun thing to do! The podcast is in Swedish and can be found here:

The day after recording this my remix of Mystic Order's track Voyager 12 hit the streaming sites.

This song is also made available at YouTube with what was planned as a video-remix of sorts but ended up being a text blinking thing-a-majig instead.

Last but not least I had the great opportunity of returning with a live show at this years PUSH festival! The venue this year was very special at Länsmuseet Gävleborg. If you want to have a look and listen it has also been made available at YouTube.

Whats coming up next is another live show and also I'm hoping to make the cut for a compilation being released soon! I also have more things on the collaborative side that are upcoming, gig at Vindöga festival together with Daniel Palmberg, a cassette with the same project. A possible gig with [krig] and also a release of a collaboration that's been awhile in the making. So a lot too look forward to!

Hardware Jam: 2019-09-06

Download song at Bandcamp.

Made for the weekend challange on:

The challenge this weekend was: ”add some kind of acoustic element to your jam”. Printing paper, melodica and acoustic guitar was my acoustics of choice!

Hardware Jam: 2019-07-05

Download song at Bandcamp.

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challenge this weekend was: ”Hellish drums and heavenly pads”. Not sure how hellish I actually got the drums but what can you do, tried my best with distortion stomp boxes.

Hyperbolic release and final video!

Finally the cassette is out and the album is ready for your streaming pleasure. It is available on many different services but above is the Spotify embed. Will update under releases later today with all the links. Hope you enjoy! Also, the final video for the final track: Symmetry (Two).

Hardware Jam: 2019-06-09 (Reel to Reel Tape Loop)


Another entry for the Facebook group:

The guidelines in short this week was: ”This weekend I want to hear your single pattern jams.” I stuck with this in the sense that ZOIA is playing a single pattern, a nine note sequence simple and repeating. But it is recorded to a tape loop as sound on sound so in a sense this creates a loop hole (pun intended) and it get’s ever changing recording over itself. The tape machine output is fed through the Strymon effects. The Novation Circuit is playing a simple 16-step kick pattern with two kick sounds, here I only modulate the filter cutoff. The MicroBrute is stuck on one note and I change this note only with the pitch-bend. It gets processed by the Moogerfooger which is midi synced to the Circuit giving it some more rhythm with a square wave LFO.


One more saturday and one more video! Album droppping next week.

Rotational Tangle

Track 4 from Hyperbolic. Rotational Tangle. Only two weeks left until the release!

Hardware Jam: 2019-05-26

So.. I joined this group that does weekend challenges for hardware jams, aptly called "Hardware jams"

This was my first entry and the guidelines/rules for this weekend was: "This weekend I want you to post your best jam. As in write a new jam that is at your peak. Show us what you do well and try and do it better than you have ever done it in the past." Not sure if I think it´s that good but at least I tried my best!

Symmetry (One)

No. 3
Halfway there!


One more video and one step closer to the release of the cassette!


Leading up to the cassette release of "Hyperbolic" there will be a video each week for each of the songs. The cassette will be released by Stålverk 2019-06-15.


A new collab song together with Bitcrushhabitual! Visit his Instagram for me more of his great stuff at:

Two remixes in one week

This one is released by Lamour Records. I very much enjoy the sounds of State Chargers two albums from 2018. ”Temple Phase” and ”Swiss Flags”. The song ”Tide as Currency” from ”Temple Phase” in particular is one of my favorites. So naturally I wanted to tweak around with it. And State Charger was nice enough to let me. I thought a video work to accompany it seemed like a good idea. And I have tried to represent the flow of the audio in abstract visuals. Hope you enjoy!

It can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes, Juno Download

The second one is released by Stålverk Records and contains three remixes. Alongside mine it features remixes from 272 and M.B.K. It as released under the title "Andas EP" and the material that has been remixed comes from a upcoming [krig] album called "Ofullkomligheten".

This one can be found on [krig]'s Soundcloud or downloaded at the Stålverk website.

AMR#014 (Pulses) - Blurb

After working for seven days straight and getting some time off got the creativity going! Hope you enjoy.

Relase: Temper

Today is the release day for Temper! A three track EP/album based around the Tascam Ministudio Porta 02 MKII and a more or less fixed setup around it. The main parts have been recorded live with a minimal amount of overdubs (which are also all featured in the video). It's been a fun project to stick to a certain setup for a release but also a challenge. The initial thought was to make something even longer/more tracks but after sitting on this material for awhile it started to make sense that this was a complete work as is. So here it is, three videos on one day and it is also available at my Bandcamp (and other streaming services). Below you find the Spotify-embed if you rather just listen than watch.

Dismal Sense / Brilliant Fracture

A collaboration with Bitcrushhabitual that is released today! Been very nice working on this together and hopefully we can make more music together! Check out Bitcrushhabitual's Instagram at:

AMR#014 (Pulses) - Hanging On

A bit of a continuation on the same setup as last time. But had to break out the big Boss-looper though since this needed midi-sync between the Volca Beats and the looped material. Tremolo on drums was also a new thing, works well in doing a short drum loop a bit more lively.