Two remixes in one week

This one is released by Lamour Records. I very much enjoy the sounds of State Chargers two albums from 2018. ”Temple Phase” and ”Swiss Flags”. The song ”Tide as Currency” from ”Temple Phase” in particular is one of my favorites. So naturally I wanted to tweak around with it. And State Charger was nice enough to let me. I thought a video work to accompany it seemed like a good idea. And I have tried to represent the flow of the audio in abstract visuals. Hope you enjoy!

It can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes, Juno Download

The second one is released by Stålverk Records and contains three remixes. Alongside mine it features remixes from 272 and M.B.K. It as released under the title "Andas EP" and the material that has been remixed comes from a upcoming [krig] album called "Ofullkomligheten".

This one can be found on [krig]'s Soundcloud or downloaded at the Stålverk website.