Today is the day for the release of Dvahla! You can stream it over at Bandcamp or YouTube. At Bandcamp you can get yourself a digital copy for download or purchase the cassette and get both! It is released by the great Lamour Records.

Purlieu Podcast 006: Nordic Ambient (Slim Vic // Lamour Records)

Slim Vic included a song from my upcoming release "Dvahla" in his mix for the Purlieu Podcast. He made some good twists on the song "Crystalline Choir" and it's in good company with a whole lot of great nordic ambient! Have a listen!

Upcoming: Dvahla

So! Next week on friday my first cassette release on Lamour Records will see the light of day. It will also be available on Bandcamp for purchase of digital version. Eventually it will also hit the streaming sites!