Still Explorations

Today is the release day for Still Explorations! It is out today via the great Petite Victory Collective.

Still Explorations is an early snapshot on my journey into the world of modular synths, an open ended exploration. This is part of the journey. These two songs was recorded in late 2021 and spread over four track to make this EP.

Listen at: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer

Also the recording of the final track is up on YouTube.

Still Explorations (Component 1 - Unit B)

The second part of the first song and also only one week until the EP is up in full on Bandcamp and streaming sites!

Den Allvarsamma Leken - Give Me Some Love Jeff (Alpha Mound Remix)

Released today is a single from Den Allvarsamma Leken that I had to honour to both master and remix! Hope you enjoy!

Streaming at: Spotify or Apple Music

Still Explorations (Component 1 - Unit A)

A new track but also the announcement of a upcoming EP! It will be released through Petite Victory Collective on the 26 of February. But as of now one track each saturday until release. Enjoy!