Upcoming cassette release on Stålverk Records!

Some time during January 2016 I will finally release something new containing more than one song. If you disregard remixes and collaborations the last thing was "Endless Embark" in 2012. So it has been quite a while. I have since then been working on two "albums" which are still incomplete in various ways but the third one I started about a year ago is the one that actually reached completion.

I have some intention of trying to fix the other two but since making various new things not relating to anything is a more fun and care-free process I'm not sure if they ever will be released. However this one will be.

It is called "Amass", and is a four song song album clocking in at around 42 minutes. It will be released on cassette and in digital form. I'm very happy to get something new out and on the Stålverk label to boot!

Ziggurat (Rehersal) on Soundcloud

In a coincidental Advent calendar from Lamour Records you can find a rehearsal recording of my song Ziggurat. This song will, in a quite different form, appear on a upcoming release. This version though was recorded as I was preparing for my first live show in quite some time.

Live at Spegeln 2015-11-21

Another last weekend update. The past saturday I got a call regarding a show in Gävle were the acts were not able to come. So I did a last minute rehearsal and packed up my gear to do a live show later in the evening. It went well and I was happy to get another chance so soon to play live again.

Photo by David Lehnberg.

Live at Söders Källa 31/10

Last weekend I had the pleasure to perform a live set. The show took place in Gävle at Söder Källa. The bands I shared stage with were: YAST, Wild Invalid and [krig]. The last of which I also accompanied with guitar and Casio.

The set was in a novel direction for me (sort of minimal-techno) with gear I have not used in live settings before. I was happy with the result and had a great evening. Hopefully I will continue to do shows in this format in the future!

Live with [krig]

Three weeks ago I accompanied [krig] with guitar and Casiotone 501, on a show celebrating the release of their LP "The Future Sound of Sandviken". It was a great evening and I was happy to be a part of it. The day before we recorded our rehearsal on a cassette. A great part of it is available at Soundcloud.

NO CODA - Sort of 50% (Alpha Mound Remix)

It's finally time for something new! Or old. Like most things I am trying to finish at the moment they have quite a long journey from start to finish. But this one is finally here for your ears.

This song has a sort of complicated past. It is in ways a remix and in other ways a new song. When NO CODA made the 2014 album “The Entire Cast” some songs were discarded in the process. One of these songs had the working title “150%”. And the guitars of Victor Claeson formed the basis for a cut up which eventually lead up to this remix. The remix features Ludvig Blix on mandolin and vocals/lyrics and Adam Wiger on some of the keys. But all of NO CODA has been involved in ways of production and ideas. So it basically is a collaborative effort with the band I am in.

Collaboration with [krig]

I featured on guitar at a show with [krig] this weekend during an event in Gävle called Local Heroes. The song "Fåglar I Händerna (live Version 240115)" can be found at Soundcloud. This version was recorded a few days before the performance and was uploaded immediately after the show had been premiered live.