Livestream show w/ Julia Ehrstrand

Yesterday I had the privilege of performing on a live stream, the event was organized by Region Gävleborg, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Gävle kommun and Studiefrämjandet who put it together very well! Thanks! Julia Ehrstrand performed improvised contemporary dance while I did a written live set. It was very interesting to have something to lean on other than the music and something to try and follow and work with in build-ups and rests other than just the music. And Julias dancing was spectacular! Hopefully I will get the chance to do something like this again! Above is the live-stream available after the fact on YouTube.

AKB - Öbågen (Alpha Mound Remix)

I had the pleasure and privilege to be involved with this great album Marianergraven by AKB in several ways. Not only the remix that is released today, I also had the honour to mix and master the LP and I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with such great music. Released on Lamour Records. My remix is available today on streaming platforms but also in a video format on my YouTube channel. I have reworked and mangled the beautiful artwork from the front cover of the album (original artwork by Hanna Berglund) and mashed it up with the awesome live visuals AKB uses (made by Annie Tådne).

Peripheries I

New hardware track/YouTube video! Decided to start a new series, this would fit with my intentions with "Pulses" in many ways, but since doing overdubs in this way feels like a bit of a new format I decided to start with something fresh. Hope you enjoy! As usual also available at Bandcamp.

Streaming release: Machina Hypnos Vol. 1

Finally put my first long form ambient song up for streaming on the big streaming sites. Hope it can come to use and put someone to sleep!