BWLM - Reeds

Today is the release of my contribution to the 2022 "Because we love music" from Lamour Records. Everyday through december a track is released for this compilation. I hope you give it a listen!

Listen: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal

Running Yarn (Part 7 & 8)

Running Yarn Part 7 & 8 out today via Sound Meditation!

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Elements Vol. 2

Two releases in one day! This time part of a compilation from Petite Victory Collective. Elements Vol. 2 The album features 23 energy/air-themed tracks. For now it is available at Bandcamp and as limited edition cassette. But rumor is that it will eventually hit streaming services as well!

Running Yarn (Part 5 & 6)

Running Yarn Part 5 & 6 out today via Sound Meditation!

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Thermionic Congregation (Part 3)

Original tracks and remixes out through Petite Victory Collective:

Rinse (Ambient Guitar Chronicles)

Out today via Imaginary North is a big compilation consisting of 19 tracks where everything is based around guitar, "Ambient Guitar Chronicles". My track "Rinse" is featured on it and it sure is in good company! Imaginary North has done a lot of great compilations in a short time so far and I am happy to have been part of two so far.

Listen/download: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music

Thermionic Congregation (Part 2)

Original tracks and remixes out through Petite Victory Collective:

Running Yarn (Part 3 & 4)

The Running Yarn continues! Out today is part 3 & 4. Of course thos time as well out through Sound Meditation.

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Thermionic Congregation (Part 1)

Original tracks and remixes out through Petite Victory Collective:

Thermionic Congregation

Out today via Petite Victory Collective is a album/remix project that I am very happy to see out there! I had the pleasure to have three of my songs reworked in many different styles and ways. A huge thanks to Silence_Castor, Sebastian Salt, Audible Void, Atlas Castle, Big City, Deega, Formal Process & Rupture // Rapture for doing such great work! All three original songs are recorded as multi-track live performances with a hybrid setup and videos from the recording of the originals are soon coming as well. I do hope you give it a listen!

Running Yarn (Part 1 & 2)

Today the extended release cycle for my album Running Yarn starts! It is quite the long album and 2/3 of it will be released as singles. All coming out through Sound Meditation. It has been an album that has been in the making for quite some time. The oldest parts from it where started in mid 2019 and I have been tweaking and working on it off and on while completing other stuff. So it feels vert good that it is finally getting out there.

All the artwork for these singles and album have started with glitched photography by Damian Espinosa Ohlson so a huge thanks for him for helping out with this! You can find out what he and his collective is up to over on Instagram.

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Catterfly - Silentium (Alpha Mound Remix)

Out today from Lamour Records is the second part of remixes from Catterfly's album Metamorphoses!

Stream: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer

Imaginary North Transmission 003: Diminutive

Today saw the release of Imaginary North Transmission 003, a compilation release, and my first release with this label.

Find more of the label at:

The whole compilation can be found at Bandcamp

Or stream my track at Spotify or Apple Music

Maxx - painting the walls (Alpha Mound Rework)

Yesterday came a wonderful release from Maxx called ”painting their canvas on silence”. And I have a reworked featured on it! Above is the video I made for it. Go ahead to streaming sites to listen: Spotify, Apple Music

The release is out through Sound Meditation

In The Studio

Petite Victory Collective has shared a studio tour from me go have a read and look over here:

Minimal City Vol. 2

Petite Victory Collective is back with another compilation! This time partnering with Buy food with plastic. In the words from PVC:
All proceeds from the sales of 'Minimal City Vol. 2' will be funneled directly to BUY FOOD WITH PLASTIC. An organisation built entirely on voluntary contributions, with a core team working hard to coordinate events worldwide that unite people and provide solutions to urgent local problems, such as environmental pollution, hunger, lack of education and poverty.

Performance / concert with Emma Holmgren

Above is a performance I did together with Emma Holmberg at Sandvikens Konsthall on the 22:th of june in Sandviken. It is through their YouTube. Thanks to Konsthallen for having us do this!

clearer (Living Drone - Edition 3)

Out today is Edition 3 of Living drone from fveld. It features a track from me called "clearer" I hope you give it a spin! Listen at: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music

I also made a video/animation out of the wonderful cover art by Palmdrop.


In the words of Sound Meditation who put this release out into the world:
In the beginning of the year Alpha Mound embarked on a YouTube challenge to himself to record a bunch of ambient jams and improvisations. He sent 
v e n n the results and asked them to be curated, reworked and reimagined - adding, taking away, trimming, and providing nutrients. So that's exactly what resulted here. As two producers who also share a keen respect and responsibility towards plant life they decided to theme the project after plant 'Morphology'. Phytomorphology is the study of the physical form and external structure of plants. Morphology is useful in the visual identification of plants, conservation patterns, and evolutionary constraints limiting diversification. Just like a plant's life form, Alpha Mound planted the seeds and venn helped them grow.

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Live in Umeå

Two days ago I performed together with Slim Vic and AKB at Klubb Berlin in Umeå. Above is my performance! Thanks to Do you dream of noise? for bringig us up to play!


The final single from my collaboration with v e n n before the full release!

Listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer


Another track from the upcoming "Morphology" together with v e n n just hit the streaming sites! Go give it a listen and relax.

Listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer


Out today is the first two tracks from a upcoming album called "Morphology". It has it's origin in my Jamuary recordings from earlier this year but have gotten taken to the next level by the carfeul edits and additions from v e n n. Released by Sound Meditation. I hope you enjoy!

Listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer


Today Sound Meditation and Tsunami Sounds is releasing the final batch of tracks for their collaborative compilation I am happy to be included!

You can find my track here: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer

Placid Motion

This track was recorded some time ago now, but now it is up on YouTube and Bandcamp! Coming to streaming soon also. Partly-generative, partly-modular wholly... hmm... ambient?

Make Noise Not War

I am happy that the collective brought forward the idea of doing something to show and try to fundraise some support for the people of Ukraine in this moment. It was released yesterday.

The text from the collective summarize it well (and better than I can):

"The catastrophe that is unfolding in Ukraine these days leaves us wordless. No words to describe our pain, no words to express our sadness, and no words to state our support to the victims of war. The PVC crew and all our artists friends around the world decided to put together a pop-up compilation project to convey this support in our very own way.

MNNW (Make Noise Not War) is now available directly through Petite Victory Collective.

100% of the donations will be funneled directly towards UNICEF, who is working to scale up life-saving support for children and their families threatened by the war in Ukraine.

Art is one of the best tools we have to spread the love and support as much as we can. 🇺🇦"

Thankful for the whole Petite Victory Collective and to all our committed artists and friends who jumped on this project providing this effort in such a short time:

Miles Kvndra x Zirio x Atlas Castle x Deega x Gabriel de la Mora x Audible Void x Dataruin x Wall Brown x Alpha Mound x Dr. Lämmerbein x Yukio x Cat Breath x Krostif x Sebastian Salt x Songs From Tin Pan Alley x 2rmin x Hoxeed. x ITEM x Jonathan R Cross x Rupture // Rapture x UJTB x Wayward Lens x 59 Perlen x Captain Ghostnote x BigCity x Silence_Castor x ObscurSounds

Fedor Tkachev x Autumna x Hydro Fyter x Kindly Spoken Thieves x Xtinction x Sunwarper x Helixrider x DVR x Andy Pitcher x Dean Johnson x Defend The Rhino x Incontro x Kh3rtis x Hissquiet x Synechdoche x West Lentz x sckdrwr x Rome In Reverse x Charlie Thorstenson x Protoplanets x Twilight Music Sculpture

Find it on Bandcamp or directly through the Petite Victory Collective website.

Still Explorations

Today is the release day for Still Explorations! It is out today via the great Petite Victory Collective.

Still Explorations is an early snapshot on my journey into the world of modular synths, an open ended exploration. This is part of the journey. These two songs was recorded in late 2021 and spread over four track to make this EP.

Listen at: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer

Also the recording of the final track is up on YouTube.

Still Explorations (Component 1 - Unit B)

The second part of the first song and also only one week until the EP is up in full on Bandcamp and streaming sites!

Den Allvarsamma Leken - Give Me Some Love Jeff (Alpha Mound Remix)

Released today is a single from Den Allvarsamma Leken that I had to honour to both master and remix! Hope you enjoy!

Streaming at: Spotify or Apple Music

Still Explorations (Component 1 - Unit A)

A new track but also the announcement of a upcoming EP! It will be released through Petite Victory Collective on the 26 of February. But as of now one track each saturday until release. Enjoy!