Niels Gordon - Woodlands (Alpha Mound Remix)

I had the great pleasure of remixing Niels Gordon's track "Woodlands" from his album "Land". And it was released earlier this week by Lamour Records. I also made a video remix since the orignal track had such a nice video I felt I wanted to take a full on remix both visual and musical.

The remix on Spotify

More Niels Gordon can be found here:

Hardware Jam: 2020-11-15 (Amen Break)

Download song at Bandcamp.

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challange this weekend was to use the famous "Amen Break" drum loop. Credit for this famous and highly influential drum loop goes to drummer Gregory Coleman who originally performed it.

Hissquiet - Perpetual and Ever Morphing Truths (Alpha Mound 4-Track Cassette Remix)

My second remix in this format using a cassette tape on a 4-Track with pedals for processing. You can find more Hissquiet here:

Live @Kungen 17:th of October

Recorded in October when I did a set in conjunction with a gallery opening at Galleri Lars Palm housed under the same roof as Kungen. Made available through Backbeatbolaget TV's YouTube channel a couple of days ago.

Download song at Bandcamp.

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challenge this weekend was: ”It would be interesting to hear what you like listening to while driving or being driven around. Be it music for cruising, a car chase, gangster drive-by or snack run, this week make a jam for our driving pleasure!”

Hyperbolic (lo-fi cassette player)

A little experiment of sorts. The small cassette player is playing from my 2019 cassette "Hyperbolic" released on Stålverk Records. Captured by a Pearl/Milab DC-21 (a old Swedish microphone no longer in production). Amplified by the Art pre-amp it passes to the Moog MF Tremolo and then to the Neon Egg Planetarium which gives it reverb, delay and stereo spread. Finally being captured by line input on the Zoom H4n Pro.