Last weekend I had the privilege to be a part of a great musical session and art installation. The force behind it all was [krig]. The session/installation/happening or whatever you label it as was called SA-FA-RI. It featured seemingly endless music during two days, the second and third of November and a constantly evolving and growing installation of fabric, thread, slide photography, words and people.

I had a really amazing time and I was very happy to make music together with all of these acts: [krig], Eldahid, LO and Wild Invalid. It took place in Galleri LarsPalm while the festival Masspsykos was happeing on two stages. One stage in the same building and one in the building next to it. We had some guests during these days also who picked up a instrument or two; Sebastian Arnström of Simian Ghost. Olle Hedenström of Dead Lord. Elin Lindfors and David Lehnberg of The Deer Tracks.

The Deer Tracks have posted a short clip on their YouTube-channel from when they joined in:

Most of the music from these two days were captured as audio as well and my intention is to pick and choose from this audio to create something of a mix of what was going on. And to release this music in one form or another. Since it is so very much music it will probably take me a while to get this sort of thing together but eventually it will happen.

Below are some photos of this very nice weekend by Karin Bäckström.