Release: Burning Words

Today is the release date for "Burning Words". I'm happy too see it reach your ears! Digital version be found at a lot of places, these are some of them:


And maybe most importantly through Bandcamp where you can download it for free:

As stated earlier it's also available in physical format as 12" LP. Which you can order worldwide directly from me at: carl.joakim.westlund[at] (payments done most easily through PayPal or if that does not suit you international bank transfer).

Arrival of LP's

I'm happy to announce that the LP's of "Burning Words" finally are in my hands! And soon, on the 23 of this month the digital version will be up also. If you however want a 12" the cost is: 100 SEK / 11 EUR / 14 USD + shipping.

Just e-mail me at: carl.joakim.westlund[at]
The payments are done most easily through Paypal.