Endless Embark Remixed

On the one year anniversary of the Endless Embark release, the 23 of October the remixed version sees the light of day. The original five track EP/album has it's themes focusing on movement and standing still. Escapism and moving in one place instead of geographically. So it is only fitting that five musicians from Sandviken, some of which has moved, others not and in varying distance, have done one track each.

The artists remixing are (in order of appearance): [krig], Adam Wiger, Lo, Leonard Hummer and DÖDEN.

The track listing are in the same order as the original but with a higher degree of focus on rhythm on all of the remixes. These guys have made Endless Embark Remixed a five track techno album! Released on Stålverk Records, of course.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who participated in this project and a great big thanks for taking my songs in such a wonderful direction as this!

Download the songs directly in 320 kbps mp3's from Stålverk at: www.stalverk.se
Or stream/download through my bandcamp below.

Lamour podcast#14

Today my second contribution to the Lamour podcast is released! It is a 26 minute ambient piece, or in the words of the label:

Lamour podcast #14 welcomes once again Alpha Mound from the city of steel, Sandviken. He is presenting here an exclusive new lovely ambient piece that fits perfectly on the cold dark autumn nights.

I hope you enjoy!

Olle Ohlsson wrote some words about Alpha Mound on his blog Stålstaden and asked a question about this podcast, on which I gave a lengthy answer. For your enjoyment or woe, here is the post (in Swedish): http://blogg.arbetarbladet.se/stalstaden/2013/10/15/alpha-mound-renodlar-och-processar/