Thermionic Congregation (Part 3)

Original tracks and remixes out through Petite Victory Collective:

Rinse (Ambient Guitar Chronicles)

Out today via Imaginary North is a big compilation consisting of 19 tracks where everything is based around guitar, "Ambient Guitar Chronicles". My track "Rinse" is featured on it and it sure is in good company! Imaginary North has done a lot of great compilations in a short time so far and I am happy to have been part of two so far.

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Thermionic Congregation (Part 2)

Original tracks and remixes out through Petite Victory Collective:

Running Yarn (Part 3 & 4)

The Running Yarn continues! Out today is part 3 & 4. Of course thos time as well out through Sound Meditation.

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Thermionic Congregation (Part 1)

Original tracks and remixes out through Petite Victory Collective:

Thermionic Congregation

Out today via Petite Victory Collective is a album/remix project that I am very happy to see out there! I had the pleasure to have three of my songs reworked in many different styles and ways. A huge thanks to Silence_Castor, Sebastian Salt, Audible Void, Atlas Castle, Big City, Deega, Formal Process & Rupture // Rapture for doing such great work! All three original songs are recorded as multi-track live performances with a hybrid setup and videos from the recording of the originals are soon coming as well. I do hope you give it a listen!

Running Yarn (Part 1 & 2)

Today the extended release cycle for my album Running Yarn starts! It is quite the long album and 2/3 of it will be released as singles. All coming out through Sound Meditation. It has been an album that has been in the making for quite some time. The oldest parts from it where started in mid 2019 and I have been tweaking and working on it off and on while completing other stuff. So it feels vert good that it is finally getting out there.

All the artwork for these singles and album have started with glitched photography by Damian Espinosa Ohlson so a huge thanks for him for helping out with this! You can find out what he and his collective is up to over on Instagram.

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