Happy new year!

Made a song today to finish off this year. Eurorack ambient. A generative foundation with the Turing Machine. It is two takes of modular layered and some melodic plucks played on top. Hope you enjoy!

BWLM 2021 - Hollow Light + Lamour Podcast

This holiday my track "Hollow Light" was released as a part the annual "Because we love music" from Lamour Records.

In the words from Lamour: "Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

All incomes from Bandcamp (after Paypal and Bandcamp fee) goes direct to Tim Bergling foundation and their work with suicide prevention and mental health and organisationen MÄN and their work for an equal and non-violent society."

Before this I was also a part of Lamour Podcast "uppesittarkväll" it was recorded live in front of an audience, which made me quite nervous to be talking, but that's how it goes, the podcast is in Swedish and can be found here (and also where you expect to find podcasts):

Artificial Dreams IV

Here all sounds sources are from Moog: Animoog Z and Model D in software form hosted inside AUM, and also the Moog Minitaur providing analog bass. Fugue machine is sequencing the Minitaur and Rozeta Particles is sequencing the Model D. Animoog Z is played live and looped in GAUSS Field Looper. They are all sharing one bus send with delay and reverb from AUFX. Some minor modulation is going on from Rozeta LFO. Everything routed and brought together inside AUM of course.

Artificial Dreams III

The Animoog Z/iOS ambient continues. Setup has been shifting with each track. In this one Animoog Z is receiving midi from both Xynthesizr and Rozeta Particles and the main dynamic control I have mapped to the MIDI Fighter Twister is amp envelopes (sustain and release) in Animoog. This in combination with controlling the speed of Rozeta Particles (and being able to bring it to a standstill) is the main control. I also use filters and audio effects like reverb and delay (Crystalline on the Xynthesizr and AUFX:Dub on a bus send).

Artificial Dreams II

Another thing with Animmog Z looped in GAUSS Field Looper (all hosted in AUM). This time I let the Animoog sounds rest on a foundation provided by Fugue Machine.

Artificial Dreams I

The other day I downloaded Moog's new updated and improved version of Animoog. Animmog Z. Got me inspired to do a little recording.

One instance of Animoog Z is routed to three different bus sends inside of AUM. All of which has a separate instance of GAUSS (looping and overdubbing all the time) these in turns pass through different effects (AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space and Eventide Rotary). I vary which bus send is receiving audio with the Midi Figther Twister midi mapped in AUM. This is also mapped to filters and panning on each bus send and the main channel for easy hands on control. Hope you enjoy!

Double cassette friday!

I am happy to say that today is the release day for two cassette tapes I have been a part of! The first one is a compilation from Petite Victory Collective called ”Elements Vol. I” and the second with my project together with Daniel Palmberg called Un Programme that has a new release out on Do you dream of noise?

Elements Vol. I can be found at where you can listen or buy either digital version of a physical copy. The release from Un Programme can be ordered directly in physical format from Do you dream of noise? or digital at

Color Index (AEMC - One Minute Compositions Vol. 3)

Last week AEMC - One Minute Compositions Vol. 3 was released and my contribution was a track called "Color Index". For more releases from AEMC go to: and to join head over to the Facebook group.

Squall (full performance)

The last installment of the Electronic Winds cycles is here! And now it is done. :)

Mistral (full performance)

The second to last installation in the Electronic Winds relase is the full performance of Mistral!

Breeze (full performance)

Out now on YouTube is the full performance of "Breeze" as it was recorded for "Electronic Winds" accompanied by a visual representation.

Electronic Winds

Today is the release day for Electronic Winds! Now it is out in full on streaming via Sound Meditation. It is also available at my Bandcamp if you prefer that. This release is a live recording initially, three tracks recorded live with a hardware setup and a small Eurorack system. It was then split into parts for this release with minor overdubs added.

Listen/download: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer


Another electronic wind! Next week it will be out in full force as a complete release, all through Sound Meditation.

Listen/download: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer


Yesterday saw the second track from Electronic Winds up on streaming! This one also released as a two parter.

Listen/download: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer


Today the first tracks from my upcoming release "Electronic Winds" is relesed on streaming sites. It is being released by Sound Meditation! The track is Squall and is released as a two parter. It was recorded live as one whole but for the streaming release it has been made in to two parts with minor overdubs some extra effects and such. There are two more tracks (that are made into different parts) that is part of this project so two more singles is to be expected before they are released as a full-length. And after that I will put up the original live recordings on my YouTube, so quite a long release cycle for this one. But I do hope you enjoy!

Listen/download: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer

Ambient GTR-002

Another ambient guitar! This video starts quite some time into the actual playing/recording/looping but the part building up was edited out to make it somewhat concise. Avilable at Bandcamp as well.

Ambient GTR-001

It's actually been quite a while since I did some spontaneous (longer pieces) like this so it felt good to try this sort of less complicated format with a single guitar looping on the iPad. Hope to make some more in this style/setup in the future and experiment with this semi-improv style for guitar. Hope you enjoy, the track is available at Bandcamp also of course.

Un Programme - Andra Vägar EP

Last week my project together with Daniel Palmberg put out a digital EP. It was released on Stålverk Records and it is free download directly from the label or payed support through our Bandcamp. There is also video for track number from this EP on our YouTube.

Courant - Meanings (Alpha Mound Remix)

The other day my remix of Courant's track "Meanings" was released. It was put out there by Paletten R. a subsidary of Träffen Records. Hope you give it a spin!

Minimal City Vol. I

Two days ago the first compilation from Petite Victory Collective dropped on Bandcamp! And the cassettes where already sold out on pre-orders. All tracks are using sounds of the city in some way or another and all the proceeds from the cassette and Bandcamp sales go toward Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark. The artwork is made in collaboration with Urban Explorer Copenhagen. Hope you enjoy!

Daytime + Dusk (At The Village Green) part of Communal Music Vol. 9

Yesterday saw the release of Communal Music Vol. 9 from AEMC. Head over to AEMC's Bandcamp to support it!

Displacement-C + Bandcamp & streaming release

Today the final track from Displacement is up on YouTube! The whole thing is also up for streaming and on Bandcamp. Released through Petite Victory Collective.

I hope you consider giving it a spin, it is my first streaming release that has this "pure" DAW:less approach.

Displacement (Interim 2)

Second to last track before the relase of Displacement! This saturday the final track drops as well as the streaming and Bandcamp release of the whole thing by Petite Victory Collective.


Today is the day for track number three from Displacement. It is up YouTube and it is being released by Petite Victory Collective.

Displacement (Interim 1)

Today the second track from Displacement is up on YouTube! It is being released by Petite Victory Collective.


Today the first track from my Displacement EP is unveriled on YouTube, aptly named "Displacement-A". It is coming to Bandcamp and streming in full 2021-05-22. But before that more tracks/live recordings will be up on YouTube. It is being released by Petite Victory Collective.

Displacement Explained

Upcoming release from me is a five track dawless techno EP recorded live and my premiere release on Petite Victory Collective! It will be released in full on Bandcamp and streaming 2021-05-22, but leading up to this each track will be made available through YouTube where you can see the recording of each track. I guess this post will make more sense if you have actually seen all the videos but here it goes…

The main three tracks (Displacement A, B & C) has a sort of raw sounds with a focus on a slightly detuned harmonics using the Electro Faustus Drone Thing as a central unit and starting point instead of more traditional synths. When the oscillators are freely tunable you end up in new territory you really can’t predict in the same way as when you play a keyboard. Adding the EHX Pitch Fork in the signal chain as in track B and C is just a way to enrich the harmonics with additional octaves of the Drone Thing and being able to use this as another dynamic tool in the performance.

The switches for note on/off on the Drone Thing invokes in me at least that it’s need to be timed/clocked somehow (even if you switch them manually) and that is where the Neon Egg Planetarium comes in with it’s external side chain feature. It is receiving the Korg Volca Beats as the side chain ”clock” and then feeds it back out to the Koma Elektronik FT-201 step sequencer filter, which set to a odd amount of steps gives a bit of poly rhythm feel/movement to this drum machine. In track A I utilize the light sensor on the Koma filter to stop the sequencer running from time to time. The Neon Egg also adds it’s wonderful reverb and tape styled delay to the otherwise rather harsh timbres of the Drone Thing.

I am using the Micro Brute as the lower harmonics in these pieces using the gate out to gate in patch trick for the notes to have infinite sustain and freeing up my hands not to have to keep holding the notes down. It is receiving a signal from the Koma Filter ”sequencer out” which I have connected to inputs of either the filter or the PWM on the Micro Brute to give it some extra movement and that also follows the movement that is imparted on the Volca Beats by the filter. Some extra lush stereo sounds for added ambiance is added to the Micro Brute with the Walrus Descent octave reverb before it hits the mixer.

Not the forget the Novation Circuit here which is providing deep and solid foundation of beats utilizing the sounds from Circuit pack. These sounds are a bit rough around the edges, warbly and warm, but are quite hard hitting none the less. The beats in themselves are not so complicated using a minimum amount patterns but playing with the mute on/off on each track here gives me the ability to work with the dynamics in a very direct way bringing in and out elements as I see fit. Also to note is that the Circuit is providing the master clock to the Volca Beats, which in turn sends this clock as CV to the Koma filter and passes it on a altered form (it’s sequenced form that is) to the Micro Brute.

Audio routing:
Novation Circuit → Mackie Mixer
Electro Faustus Drone Thing → EHX Pitch Fork (used in Displacement-B & C) → Neon Egg Planetarium → Mackie Mixer
Arturia Micro Brute → Walrus Audio Descent → Mackie Mixer
Korg Volca Beats → (Passing through the side chain input of the Neon Egg Planetarium → Koma FT-210 → Hi-pass and lo-pass being split (and in Displacement-C hi-pass is distorted by Ibanez Tube Screamer) → To two different inputs on the Mackie Mixer

Midi/Clock/Tempo routing:
Midi clock is coming from Novation Circuit → Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Beats audio → Neon Egg Planetarium sidechain input
Korg Volca Beats Sync Out → Koma FT-201 EXT. Clock
Koma FT-201 Sequencer out → Arturia Micro Brute either filter input or PWM input depending on the track

The two interim tracks are made with a smaller setup having the Moog Subharmonicon as a central unit and Electro Faustus Drone Thing providing it’s skewed harmonics on top. Here I have broken out of the straight turning on/off notes on the Drone Thing and using the output volume to make the notes swell and disappear in a more ambient way. The Boss RC-3 looper is directly after the Drone Thing to be able to be stack the notes on top of each other and have them repeating as well obviously. Since the Koma FT-210 is a mono unit (although with several filter outputs) I added a stereo chorus at the end to widen this signal to get more of a wide pad sounds I guess.

The audio routing for this setup is as follows:
Moog Subharmonicon → (Passing through the side chain of the Neon Egg Planetarium) → Walrus Audio Descent → Mackie Mixer (Out of frame) Electro Faustus Drone Thing → Boss RC-3 → Neon Egg Planetarium → Koma FT-210 → Ibanez SC10 Super Stereo Chorus → Mackie Mixer (Out of frame)

The clock/tempo routing is a simple one here, clock out from Subharmonicon to the EXT. Clock in on the Koma FT-201. Also since the Subharmonicon signal is passing through the side chain on the Planetarium I guess this could be considered a sort of tempo sync adding more movement to the Drone Thing signal.

Both setups are such that the Mackie Mixer feeds a stereo input to my audio interface where it is recorded to Ableton Live. I have then mastered the tracks and added small volume automations during this process to enhance the dynamics of the tracks slightly.

Petite Victory Collective

Upcoming this month is a series of track constituting my EP "Displacement", which is going to be released by Petite Victory Collective! I am very happy to part of this worlwide group of great music makers and that my live techno EP is coming out through this outlet. Tracks/the videos of when I recorded them will be made available on YouTube leading up to the release.

”Petite Victory Collective is an Independent Collective & Label exploring diverse electronic sub-genres since 2021. Minimal house, dark electronic, ambient, DAWless and on. Electronic music with a story to tell.

Sustainability and eco-friendly are some of the keywords of the collective. The collective will act towards ecological concerns through music compilations & diverse events supporting ecological initiatives.”

Slow-wave Sleep / Dröm i färg

Today is the release day for my collaboration with Tidsrymd! It is released by Stålverk and you can enjoy the music at many a streaming service including: Spotify and Apple Music

Above is the video wich features original video material from: ESA/Hubble, manipulated, combined and overlayed with still images by Joel Filipe, Gaetan Othenin Girard, Anfal Shamsudeen & Casey Horner (which are further manipulated and animated).

It can be also be found at Bandcamp or download mp3's directly through the Stålverk homepage.

This is the first collaborative release of Alpha Mound and Tidsrymd, and the topic of this particular sonic meditation is the altered state of dreams. Combining our resources we have made two pieces combining synths, electric piano and processed guitars, somewhere in the realm between ambient, doom-jazz, post rock or ethereal, minimal shoegaze. It’s a slow building wall of sound, meditative but forceful, emerging in spacey, atmospheric, rolling melodies.

Subharmonicon & Chance

Song also available at Bandcamp

I wanted to give my new acquisition the Moog Subharmonicon a test and after two initial setups/approaches this is what I landed on. A combination with some new stuff in Ableton Live 11.

The chance in the title refers to the new function in the midi-editor that you can put a % value on midi notes. So this is what is happening with the drums that have been pre-programmed. They have somewhere between 90% and 35% to trigger. All drum samples comes from Lullatone’s new sample set ”Domestic Drums”:

Another chance element is using the new Max for Live device ”Tree Tone” that comes in the ”Inspired by Nature” pack of devices:

I’m using the rain feature and controlling the amount of rain and speed with the Midi Fighter Twister. Which is also controlling the volume of the arp and and a midi stacking of Mopho x4 organ sound (a sound called ”Kitchen Sync” one octave above the notes played on the x4) using the new MPE features in Ableton and the aftertouch function on the Mopho x4.

The voice sample is a reading from Lord Dunsany’s ”51 tales”.

Morning Machines

Today my new album "Morning Machines" is released digitally by Sound Meditation.

It is a very ambient album themed around primordial proto-machines creating the morning of the cosmos. A sort of imagined/alternative creation story if you will. Where something small and not even sentient is building something monumental.

Above is from my Bandcamp and below you can find the Spotify streaming. I hope you enjoy!

AEMC - One Minute Compositions

I did a contribution for the AEMC latest "One Minute Compositions" release. It is called "Cobalt Streak" and is a mellow and bit of a sad tune with the imagiros's piano as a foundation.

Hardware looping setup explained

These sorts of videos do take some time to make but fun in another way for sure!

Weaknot - Haunted Pinewood (Alpha Mound Remix)

New remix out today via Lamour Records! Myself, Slim Vic & Jimmy Koskinen give a go at tweaking Weaknot's awsome two tracker "Flowers of Melancholy".

Temper (Re-release)

Almost two years after it was initially released "Temper" gets a new life through a re-release by Sound Meditation! It streams at the the usual suspects and can still be found on my Bandcamp and YouTube.

DIY Studio / production desk

Something different in contrast to Jamuary. The story of a desk!

Jamuary 2021 (26-9)

Scrolling through factory sounds on the HX stomp led to the main guitar riff. Felt a shoe gaze vibe so went from there. I call this genre ’Birkenstock & wollen sock-gaze’.

Jamuary 2021 on Bandcamp:

Jamuary 2021 (23-8)

A return to the bigger setup for the eight installment of what should have been 23 installments I guess. But better do it in your own tempo than do nothing at all!

Jamuary 2021 on Bandcamp:

Jamuary 2021 (17-7)

Trying out sp3ct3rs d3mos granular delay patch for ZOIA with my trust old Casiotone MT-70. Pairs very well with a small setup since it is such a long delay! And a very nice one at that!

On Bandcamp:

Jamuary 2021 (14-6)

More exploration of the GAUSS field looper by Bram Bos & Hainbach. Song at Bandcamp:

Jamuary 2021 (12-5)

Couldn’t really stick to a single setup for the whole of Jamuary is seems… but the other one is still standing at least so I might return to it for more beat/rhythm stuff later.

Anyhow, it seems GAUSS by Bram Bos & Hainbach for iOS is the ambient looping app I have always wanted! Highly recommend it!

I also did a pedal board overhaul for this since I had some noise issues from the power supply, I had a little bit too much stuff daisy chained so I had to break out a bigger board from storage and add some power with the Strymon Ojai. And the noise was gone!

At Bandcamp:

Jamuary 2021 (04-2)

Won't even be close to possible to get a jam each single day but here is the second one at least! Also at Bandcamp: