Slow-wave Sleep / Dröm i färg

Today is the release day for my collaboration with Tidsrymd! It is released by Stålverk and you can enjoy the music at many a streaming service including: Spotify and Apple Music

Above is the video wich features original video material from: ESA/Hubble, manipulated, combined and overlayed with still images by Joel Filipe, Gaetan Othenin Girard, Anfal Shamsudeen & Casey Horner (which are further manipulated and animated).

It can be also be found at Bandcamp or download mp3's directly through the Stålverk homepage.

This is the first collaborative release of Alpha Mound and Tidsrymd, and the topic of this particular sonic meditation is the altered state of dreams. Combining our resources we have made two pieces combining synths, electric piano and processed guitars, somewhere in the realm between ambient, doom-jazz, post rock or ethereal, minimal shoegaze. It’s a slow building wall of sound, meditative but forceful, emerging in spacey, atmospheric, rolling melodies.