Here is a link to the LP I mastered for LO & [krig] at the label website:

It features one track each by LO and [krig], listen at YouTube:

It can be ordered through Discogs:

Also, check out LO's and [krig]'s Soundcloud sites:

Endless Embark: track list and release date

"Endless Embark" is the title of the five song upcoming release. It will be released in digital form through iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Free download of the digital version will also be available through Bandcamp.

The release date is set for 2012-10-23.
And the track list are as follows:

1: Passively Stroked
2: Stagnant Seas
3: Geometry of Vacuum
4: Fractal Froth
5: The Whispering

As mentioned before these songs are mostly based on electronic sounds. The main theme for the songs is about movement and the potential of movement. And that standing still might in some ways actually be motion. No chance of being to explicit here I guess since it is a contradiction. This is of course only some of the things going through my head while writing the lyrics. Well, I hope you like it.

It will not solely be a digital release, it will also come in the form of a CD-R. Limited to 100 copies they are being created right now, below is a photo of how that work is coming along.

Vindöga 2012

I got the offer to be part of the FIA-orchestra ending Vindöga festival at Sandvikens Konsthall this year and I of course accepted. The orchestra performed improvised music according to the following concept (or rules):

I'm not sure where this concept has it origin but it sure made for some interesting sounds!

Below are photos taken by Christina Wannberg of the orchestra.

Jan Annerborn & Daniel Palmberg

Olle Oljud

Irene Sahlin & Per Samuelsson

Me fiddling with my reverb

Johan Sundberg

Here is a link to the festival website:

Christina Wannberg documented it all and you can find a lot more very nice photos from the whole festival right here:

Update: 2012-10-03

There are some things coming up. First of all I can now with confidence say that I soon will make a release. A five song release to be precise. While I was working on something that was to become my next full length album, a follow up and a step away from "Burning Words" I had some songs I liked but that did not seem to fit the larger context of what I was working on. When separated from the context, these songs fit together on their own I realized. So I came to focus on this smaller work first. And that is what will be released quite soon I hope.

These songs are more electronic in their nature then my previous music and focused more around synths and digital drums. One of them is actually a longer and more elaborate version of the song "Paced Strokes" from the "Burning Words" LP.

Some collaborative things in the happening also. At least one live shows together with other acts. Maybe more with yet other musicians. And I will also make or rework some music for a documentary/art film. Hopefully all of this can come to fruition.

Something that has already come to fruition and will be announced shortly is the release of a minimal techno LP featuring two great acts. And this is of concern here because I got the great honor of putting the final touch to this LP by mastering it. And I am happy I got to do it! Links to that will be up as soon as it's out officially.