Update: 2012-10-03

There are some things coming up. First of all I can now with confidence say that I soon will make a release. A five song release to be precise. While I was working on something that was to become my next full length album, a follow up and a step away from "Burning Words" I had some songs I liked but that did not seem to fit the larger context of what I was working on. When separated from the context, these songs fit together on their own I realized. So I came to focus on this smaller work first. And that is what will be released quite soon I hope.

These songs are more electronic in their nature then my previous music and focused more around synths and digital drums. One of them is actually a longer and more elaborate version of the song "Paced Strokes" from the "Burning Words" LP.

Some collaborative things in the happening also. At least one live shows together with other acts. Maybe more with yet other musicians. And I will also make or rework some music for a documentary/art film. Hopefully all of this can come to fruition.

Something that has already come to fruition and will be announced shortly is the release of a minimal techno LP featuring two great acts. And this is of concern here because I got the great honor of putting the final touch to this LP by mastering it. And I am happy I got to do it! Links to that will be up as soon as it's out officially.