BWLM 2020

New track out today on the magnificent Lamour Records! It is part of the "Because we love music" which releases on track each day the whole of december! Check out the whole thing here:

Free download is available through Lamours Bandcamp:

AMR#022: Sway-02

The second installment of this series now with the Polyend tracker! I am not so patient as to write complete songs on the machine it it seems but it does some wonderful stuff with chance/probabilty and a bit weird percussion on this piece and pairs easy and nice with other gear!

Track on Bandcamp:

Niels Gordon - Woodlands (Alpha Mound Remix)

I had the great pleasure of remixing Niels Gordon's track "Woodlands" from his album "Land". And it was released earlier this week by Lamour Records. I also made a video remix since the orignal track had such a nice video I felt I wanted to take a full on remix both visual and musical.

The remix on Spotify

More Niels Gordon can be found here:

Hardware Jam: 2020-11-15 (Amen Break)

Download song at Bandcamp.

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challange this weekend was to use the famous "Amen Break" drum loop. Credit for this famous and highly influential drum loop goes to drummer Gregory Coleman who originally performed it.

Hissquiet - Perpetual and Ever Morphing Truths (Alpha Mound 4-Track Cassette Remix)

My second remix in this format using a cassette tape on a 4-Track with pedals for processing. You can find more Hissquiet here:

Live @Kungen 17:th of October

Recorded in October when I did a set in conjunction with a gallery opening at Galleri Lars Palm housed under the same roof as Kungen. Made available through Backbeatbolaget TV's YouTube channel a couple of days ago.

Download song at Bandcamp.

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challenge this weekend was: ”It would be interesting to hear what you like listening to while driving or being driven around. Be it music for cruising, a car chase, gangster drive-by or snack run, this week make a jam for our driving pleasure!”

Hyperbolic (lo-fi cassette player)

A little experiment of sorts. The small cassette player is playing from my 2019 cassette "Hyperbolic" released on Stålverk Records. Captured by a Pearl/Milab DC-21 (a old Swedish microphone no longer in production). Amplified by the Art pre-amp it passes to the Moog MF Tremolo and then to the Neon Egg Planetarium which gives it reverb, delay and stereo spread. Finally being captured by line input on the Zoom H4n Pro.

AMR#022: Sway-01

Borrowed Yamaha Reface DX from a friend inspired me to make something with a smaller setup. Initially I wrote it with only synth and looper+fx. However I ended up adding bass with the Microbrute and some melody and kick with the Circuit because why not?

Download at Bandcamp:

Hardware Jam: 2020-10-04 (Ambient Bowed Electric Guitar)

Download song at Bandcamp:

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challenge this weekend was: ”Select one synth, drum machine, groovebox, modular rack, gameboy, whatever, and show us what you can do with it! External effects are ok especially if the unit has none built-in. We are human after all!!”

I guess my take on it, in this case, is that the bowed guitar takes the place of a synth or other electronic instruments and since ”the unit” in this case has no effects built in I used my guitar pedals, a looper and some more guitar pedals after the looper. I am of course well aware that a guitar is not a electronic hardware instruments but I used the opportunity to get inspired and create with one sound source and a lot of processing.

Marstrand - The Black Logos (Alpha Mound 4-Track Cassette Remix)

Things have been quite busy setting the new studio in order, I have been doing stuff in the new setting but here is the first thing I publish from the new location! Thanks to Marstrand for the wonderful music! And letting me have a go at tweaking around with it. Find more of Marstrand at:,

Building Kit

Today is the release day for Building Kit! It is released digitally and on cassette by Do you dream of noise? Some of the songs have been in the making for quite some time but most of it was started about a year ago during a vacation. Or at least the parts that started to make it whole.

I am happy to see it hit the airwaves and also very happy Do you dream of noise? wanted to release it. Always fun/important when support and encouragement comes from a new direction. Thank you! It can be streamed in many places as usual and a cassette can be acquired from the label (or contact me directly). And also as usual, hope you enjoy!

Suffuse (Single Edit)

Today the second single from Building Kit is released! Another song that I started during the holidays of 2019. Summer breezy beats I suppose. Hope you like it!

So now we are only a week out from the proper album/cassette to be released. The cassettes already exist though as part of a summer bundle, so if you want one let Dydon know!

Opening (Single Edit)

Today it it time for the first single/video from the upcoming album Building Kit! It is called "Opening" and is to be followed by another single, and after that the whole album. I apperently did'nt double-check the title when uploading to streaming services it was supposed to be "Opening (Single Edit)" since it is a shorter version than the one that appears on the album, but oh well. Lesson learned I guess (or hope so at least).

The Entire Cast - On Holiday

A little over a week ago the band of which I am a part of released an album (our debut album if you will, since the latest album release was under the name NO CODA) I guess it is sort of a sophomore album in disguise. Been late about posting about it since the times have been quite busy.

The first video was for the track "Oct Dream" but you can stream the album in full at most streaming sites if you like!

The Entire Cast @ internet:

Victor did a short clip featuring me in my natural habitat leading up to the release:

Livestream show w/ Julia Ehrstrand

Yesterday I had the privilege of performing on a live stream, the event was organized by Region Gävleborg, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Gävle kommun and Studiefrämjandet who put it together very well! Thanks! Julia Ehrstrand performed improvised contemporary dance while I did a written live set. It was very interesting to have something to lean on other than the music and something to try and follow and work with in build-ups and rests other than just the music. And Julias dancing was spectacular! Hopefully I will get the chance to do something like this again! Above is the live-stream available after the fact on YouTube.

AKB - Öbågen (Alpha Mound Remix)

I had the pleasure and privilege to be involved with this great album Marianergraven by AKB in several ways. Not only the remix that is released today, I also had the honour to mix and master the LP and I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with such great music. Released on Lamour Records. My remix is available today on streaming platforms but also in a video format on my YouTube channel. I have reworked and mangled the beautiful artwork from the front cover of the album (original artwork by Hanna Berglund) and mashed it up with the awesome live visuals AKB uses (made by Annie Tådne).

Peripheries I

New hardware track/YouTube video! Decided to start a new series, this would fit with my intentions with "Pulses" in many ways, but since doing overdubs in this way feels like a bit of a new format I decided to start with something fresh. Hope you enjoy! As usual also available at Bandcamp.

Streaming release: Machina Hypnos Vol. 1

Finally put my first long form ambient song up for streaming on the big streaming sites. Hope it can come to use and put someone to sleep!

AMR#018 - Return to Absolutes

This is rework/remix of my track ”Absolutes” from Temper. I mainly wanted to try out my new Neon Egg Planetarium with the sidechain and built a small setup for this using my 4-track and the Uno synth. The Korg Volca is synced to the Uno and is providing the trigs for the Planetariums sidechain feature. After I did this I felt certain frequencies was missing for it to feel as a complete piece. So on to some overdubs; pads with the Access Virus and bass with the Arturia MicroBrute.

Audio available over at Bandcamp.

Hardware Jam: 2020-02-16

Another jam for the weekend challange at the Facebook group Hardware Jams. The challenge this weekend was: ”write a jam using the notes of a single chord”. Easy enough since thats how I usually do it! Track is also available at Bandcamp.

Litany for Sleep - Skymning

Today is the release day for my collaboration together with King Weapon and Hissquiet! We are called Litany for Sleep and our debut is called "Skymning". It has been available as cassette for some time now but it finally hits the electronic airwaves today!

Machina Hypnos Vol. 2 - Ambient music for sleep

So I finally finished my second installment in the Machina Hypnos series: The Moons Reflection Later That Night (4.8 cm/s). It is a rework of the song with the same name released in 2016. As the title also implies the main tool for this process has been my reel-to-reel player. I have used it to slow down the original material and rearranged it after that. It also uses some effects pedals and outboard FX. The most used is Micro Rack Boss Pitch Shifter Delay RPS-10 (I think) to bring certain parts up an octave and add space. The video material was captured at the aquarium in Malta the previous summer. It can also be downloaded at Bandcamp:

Axel E - Silverhöjd (Alpha Mound Remix)

Seems this one slipped my mind to post about when it was released! But I thought it deserved it's own post. Very happy I got to work with this excellent material from Axel and re-make it into something new! Released on Lamour Records in November last year.