Hardware Jam: 2020-10-04 (Ambient Bowed Electric Guitar)

Download song at Bandcamp: https://alphamound.bandcamp.com/track/hardware-jam-2020-10-04

Made as part of a weekend challenge on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hardwarejams/

The challenge this weekend was: ”Select one synth, drum machine, groovebox, modular rack, gameboy, whatever, and show us what you can do with it! External effects are ok especially if the unit has none built-in. We are human after all!!”

I guess my take on it, in this case, is that the bowed guitar takes the place of a synth or other electronic instruments and since ”the unit” in this case has no effects built in I used my guitar pedals, a looper and some more guitar pedals after the looper. I am of course well aware that a guitar is not a electronic hardware instruments but I used the opportunity to get inspired and create with one sound source and a lot of processing.