AMR#008 (Improvisational ambient and/or drone music)

I was thinking this format might be fun for improvisations and trying out new gear. Little did I know the headache of editing in iMovie. 10min of improvising and the rest of the night syncing audio to video and exporting properly. Well here you go. The song is also available over at Bandcamp:

Video for Betwixt & Streaming of Dvahla

I am very happy to share a video for the song "Betwixt" made by Mika Wiborgh! It was a long time ago my music was accompanied by visuals in this way and I am very pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy! And thank you Mika for making this!

Also, "Dvahla" has made it to the streaming sites courtesy of Lamour Records.

Above is the Spotify embed, but here are some of the places where it is available for your online listening needs:
Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, iTunes, Juno Download