Live at Spegeln 2015-11-21

Another last weekend update. The past saturday I got a call regarding a show in Gävle were the acts were not able to come. So I did a last minute rehearsal and packed up my gear to do a live show later in the evening. It went well and I was happy to get another chance so soon to play live again.

Photo by David Lehnberg.

Live at Söders Källa 31/10

Last weekend I had the pleasure to perform a live set. The show took place in Gävle at Söder Källa. The bands I shared stage with were: YAST, Wild Invalid and [krig]. The last of which I also accompanied with guitar and Casio.

The set was in a novel direction for me (sort of minimal-techno) with gear I have not used in live settings before. I was happy with the result and had a great evening. Hopefully I will continue to do shows in this format in the future!