AMR#014 (Pulses) - Wriggle

Bought a new synth the other day! IK Multimedia Uno. And also got back my Volca Beats that had been on loan to a friend for some time. So this of course happened.

Fragment Procedure - Brambleing (SpaceCraft + Casiotone 501)

My second go at making music with the SpaceCraft app turned into this song.

Check the app out at:

BWLM 2018 - Dark web

Yeasterday a new track of mine got released as part of Lamour Records "Because we love music". It will be available on Spotify on Christmas but for now, go ahead and stream and download for free at Soundcloud!

Creating As Purpose -

I got for me at least, a somewhat unusual request from to write about my music. So I obliged of course and this is the result!

Fragment Procedure - Subaqueous (SpaceCraft + Casiotone MT-70)

Last night during the night shift at work I tried out SpaceCraft on my phone. A granular synth from

When I got home instead of going to sleep I installed it on the iPad and made this song. I like the synth very much! And the plan is to collect songs featuring this app as the main instrument under the header "Fragment Procedure". Now I really need some sleep...

Machina Hypnos Vol. 1

Long form ambient for sleepless nights.

AMR#009-003 (4-TRACK)

#009 get's sort of a re-boot and played on my new (used ofc) 4-track! The workflow for this was kind of convoluted: This is the recording from: ”AMR#009-002 (Access Virus TI Polar / Laura)” recorded to tape using a Tascam 133 deck. The first two channels were recorded on ”Hi-Speed” resulting in a slower playback when replayed on the Ministudio. The last two channels is recorded at normal speed but with the tape flipped over when recording (only way to access these channels on a regular stereo-tape deck) resulting in that the playback is reversed when played on the Ministudio.

Live at Kungen: 2018-09-01 (Den Kollektiva Hjärnan i Sandviken)

Yesterday this happened! A fun an well-received gig. Got to meet some interesting people too!

Rotating Knobs: Snoqualmie (Rehearsal: 2018-08-31)

While preparing for a show tomorrow I decided to record a part of the rehearsal process. This is a live version of the song "Snoqualmie" with parts of "Betwixt" thrown in the mix at the beginning and end parts.

AMR#009-002 (Access Virus TI Polar / Laura)

Sooner than expected I managed to finish this quite more video-edit-heavy overdub video. It get's easier as I learn the software of course. The Virus preset "Laura" plays very nicely in a ambient context!

AMR#009-001 (Ambient Turntablism)

So I had the idea for this kicking around for a couple of weeks but kinda heavy gear to bring on the holiday. I got home two days ago and today I had the focus to both film and edit! This will probably get an overdub video also as when I tried playing along with my Acces Virus favourite preset "Laura" it sounded quite good. So hopefully that will work out. I have another overdub idea for #008 but we'll see if I get around to continue with that one. Right now this feels more fun of course! Hope you enjoy!

AMR#008 (Resampled + Circuit)

Today the song #008 moved away from improvised/ambient to more of a prepared techno/dub style work still keeping some ambient elements though. This is my last video/recording resampled onto the SP-404SX accompanied by the Circuit providing drums and synths. The SP-404SX has been prepared with samples edited in Ableton Live, and the Circuit has been prepared with drums and synths before recording.

AMR#008 (Overdub#001)

Yesterday I recorded a second track on top of my original improvised track. So it got a video of it's own. The thought is to keep this project a bit open-ended in the sense that I can continue to mash-up the sounds and overdub as I feel like and keep posting the tracks on YouTube and Bandcamp.

AMR#008 (Improvisational ambient and/or drone music)

I was thinking this format might be fun for improvisations and trying out new gear. Little did I know the headache of editing in iMovie. 10min of improvising and the rest of the night syncing audio to video and exporting properly. Well here you go. The song is also available over at Bandcamp:

Video for Betwixt & Streaming of Dvahla

I am very happy to share a video for the song "Betwixt" made by Mika Wiborgh! It was a long time ago my music was accompanied by visuals in this way and I am very pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy! And thank you Mika for making this!

Also, "Dvahla" has made it to the streaming sites courtesy of Lamour Records.

Above is the Spotify embed, but here are some of the places where it is available for your online listening needs:
Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, iTunes, Juno Download


Today is the day for the release of Dvahla! You can stream it over at Bandcamp or YouTube. At Bandcamp you can get yourself a digital copy for download or purchase the cassette and get both! It is released by the great Lamour Records.

Purlieu Podcast 006: Nordic Ambient (Slim Vic // Lamour Records)

Slim Vic included a song from my upcoming release "Dvahla" in his mix for the Purlieu Podcast. He made some good twists on the song "Crystalline Choir" and it's in good company with a whole lot of great nordic ambient! Have a listen!

Upcoming: Dvahla

So! Next week on friday my first cassette release on Lamour Records will see the light of day. It will also be available on Bandcamp for purchase of digital version. Eventually it will also hit the streaming sites!

Upcoming show & release of live recording

This upcoming weekend I will perform live at Kungen in Sandviken. Alone and together with [krig]. The event can be found here:

Two weeks ago my live show from "Ambient Morning" during the PUSH! Festival was released on digital platforms by Lamour Records. Thanks to Viktor for putting it out! I will eventually put it on my Bandcamp as well. In the meantime can enjoy it over at Spotify.

I was happily made aware today that one of the songs got featured in a playlist by New Nordic Indie. Check it out here: