AMR#009-003 (4-TRACK)

#009 get's sort of a re-boot and played on my new (used ofc) 4-track! The workflow for this was kind of convoluted: This is the recording from: ”AMR#009-002 (Access Virus TI Polar / Laura)” recorded to tape using a Tascam 133 deck. The first two channels were recorded on ”Hi-Speed” resulting in a slower playback when replayed on the Ministudio. The last two channels is recorded at normal speed but with the tape flipped over when recording (only way to access these channels on a regular stereo-tape deck) resulting in that the playback is reversed when played on the Ministudio.

Live at Kungen: 2018-09-01 (Den Kollektiva Hjärnan i Sandviken)

Yesterday this happened! A fun an well-received gig. Got to meet some interesting people too!