Video: Termination of short-term

As a first teaser for the album Anna-Klara Molin has been very nice and created a visual rendering for the song "Termination of short-term". This song features Adam Wiger on piano.

Tracklist and thanks!

I will one of these days release all of the songs from "Burning Words" as free download through Bandcamp. As it should be. When is, whenever. I however also plan to do a physical release, in which format is yet undecided (8-track anyone?). The album is elven songs and the tracklist goes as follows:
  1. A Mending Whole
  2. 13 Pieces Spread
  3. Nile
  4. Termination of short-term
  5. The Crystal Arch
  6. Granpas Accordion
  7. Paced Strokes 
  8. In Mammons’ Hold
  9. The Mess He Made
  10. Liquid Petals
  11. Enigmatic Megalith

I had some great help during the recording process from nice friends and one complete stranger. And the credits are right here:

  • Susanne Trolleberg - Backup vocals on 1, 2
  • Emil Johansson - Buzz Tracker keys on 1, knife and fork on 10
  • Ellinor Andersson - Sketching on 1
  • Ludvig Blix - Viola on 1, 2, 5, 6
  • Adam Wiger - Upright piano on 2, 4, 6, 8, 9
  • Sebastian Arnström - Backup vocals on 5
  • Martin Borgh - Accordion on 6
  • Unknown street musican - Accordion on 7
  • Victor Claeson - Backup vocals on 8

When Adam and I decided we really needed to do the piano parts for real (not VSTi that is, nothing wrong with that but everything specific has it's own specific demands) on this album Acke and Madde at Kafé Vinyl were very nice to let us record in the café during closed hours. I just can't fit a piano into my apartment.

The history of...

The making of music is a engaging process of which I have partaken in for more than a decade now. The bands Aerial and The Giant's Dream, of which I have been, and still are a part of, have been the foundation in creating sounds for me. Although not a decade old yet, The Giant's Dream will celebrate this anniversary next year, is still very much a active duo! (In our own wonderful pace). But Aerial has I am sorry to say moved apart, quite physically. I hope we one day might rejoin and make sweet noise. I am currently engaged in a band called Daymare which has just recently finished a EP of five great songs. And here only the future holds the history of which I have no doubt will be great. Not saying commercially, who knows how those things work? But more importantly creatively.

But not looking ahead right now but back. I have released one self-recorded, self-produced album before under the alias of "Voice of...". This was called "The Way to Mountain Sun" and was released in 2010 as free download and CD-R in a homemade cardboard box. These songs and live recordings from two occasions, under one heading "Live#001" can be found here:
Two songs from the live recordings, "Termination of short-term" and "In Mammon's Hold" are songs that have been recorded properly since then and will be featured on my upcoming album "Burning Words". Since I already strayed from past tense too much I guess this will conclude the history at this time.

(photo by... not sure)

(photo by Sebastian Arnström)

(photo by Ellen Westlund)