Tracklist and thanks!

I will one of these days release all of the songs from "Burning Words" as free download through Bandcamp. As it should be. When is, whenever. I however also plan to do a physical release, in which format is yet undecided (8-track anyone?). The album is elven songs and the tracklist goes as follows:
  1. A Mending Whole
  2. 13 Pieces Spread
  3. Nile
  4. Termination of short-term
  5. The Crystal Arch
  6. Granpas Accordion
  7. Paced Strokes 
  8. In Mammons’ Hold
  9. The Mess He Made
  10. Liquid Petals
  11. Enigmatic Megalith

I had some great help during the recording process from nice friends and one complete stranger. And the credits are right here:

  • Susanne Trolleberg - Backup vocals on 1, 2
  • Emil Johansson - Buzz Tracker keys on 1, knife and fork on 10
  • Ellinor Andersson - Sketching on 1
  • Ludvig Blix - Viola on 1, 2, 5, 6
  • Adam Wiger - Upright piano on 2, 4, 6, 8, 9
  • Sebastian Arnström - Backup vocals on 5
  • Martin Borgh - Accordion on 6
  • Unknown street musican - Accordion on 7
  • Victor Claeson - Backup vocals on 8

When Adam and I decided we really needed to do the piano parts for real (not VSTi that is, nothing wrong with that but everything specific has it's own specific demands) on this album Acke and Madde at Kafé Vinyl were very nice to let us record in the café during closed hours. I just can't fit a piano into my apartment.