Artificial Dreams III

The Animoog Z/iOS ambient continues. Setup has been shifting with each track. In this one Animoog Z is receiving midi from both Xynthesizr and Rozeta Particles and the main dynamic control I have mapped to the MIDI Fighter Twister is amp envelopes (sustain and release) in Animoog. This in combination with controlling the speed of Rozeta Particles (and being able to bring it to a standstill) is the main control. I also use filters and audio effects like reverb and delay (Crystalline on the Xynthesizr and AUFX:Dub on a bus send).

Artificial Dreams II

Another thing with Animmog Z looped in GAUSS Field Looper (all hosted in AUM). This time I let the Animoog sounds rest on a foundation provided by Fugue Machine.

Artificial Dreams I

The other day I downloaded Moog's new updated and improved version of Animoog. Animmog Z. Got me inspired to do a little recording.

One instance of Animoog Z is routed to three different bus sends inside of AUM. All of which has a separate instance of GAUSS (looping and overdubbing all the time) these in turns pass through different effects (AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space and Eventide Rotary). I vary which bus send is receiving audio with the Midi Figther Twister midi mapped in AUM. This is also mapped to filters and panning on each bus send and the main channel for easy hands on control. Hope you enjoy!

Double cassette friday!

I am happy to say that today is the release day for two cassette tapes I have been a part of! The first one is a compilation from Petite Victory Collective called ”Elements Vol. I” and the second with my project together with Daniel Palmberg called Un Programme that has a new release out on Do you dream of noise?

Elements Vol. I can be found at where you can listen or buy either digital version of a physical copy. The release from Un Programme can be ordered directly in physical format from Do you dream of noise? or digital at