Sunken Skeleton

Today "Because we love music 2016" starts over at:

In their own words: During 24 days and nights we are going to present you with an unique song, mix or a recording previously never released, with artist related or loved by Lamour Records. Everything is free and if this calendar strikes any resemblance with X-mas calendars, it’s all just an imaginary coincidence.

I have been involved in two ways, first as a mastering engineer getting all the songs somewhat levelled (in relation to what is appropriate) and sounding as good as I can make them. Secondly with this musical contribution from my back catalogue. It is actually an older version of last song from my latest EP. But I thought this deserves to exist as a released track on it's own.

As you can hear both Lamour and I want to start our december slow and not too loud. I am honoured to have my song kick this off since I know how much good stuff is coming up.

Oskar Moberg Remix

Last friday Oskar Mobergs album "Grå Materia" was released on Lamour Records. It features a remix from me. Check it out on Spotify below.

Release: The Constellation of a Pond

Today "The Constellation of a Pond" is released on some digital platforms. Above is the Spotify embed. But if you prefer to download you can head over to Bandcamp and pick this one up there (for free!)

I got featured as the last song on the latest Lamour podcast also! A great podcast in Swedish about new electronic music in general and bands/artist connected to the Lamour label in particular. Have a listen!

Upcoming: The Constellation of a Pond

So today I uploaded the three songs that together make the album, EP, single or whatever. Piece of music? That is "The Constellation of a Pond". It is all new material started and completed after "Amass". So I guess it in some ways is in the same vein and a continuation, a little bit more relaxed overall maybe.

I still have old stuff planned for completion but the work flows much easier when the foundation of the song is quite new for some reason. So I decided that these three pieces together make a whole. And there you have it. The date for release is set on the first of July.

The track list is as follows:

1 - Kelp
2 - Koi
3 - The Moons reflection later that night

Spring updates

Other music than Alpha Mound that I am involved with have had some goings on, and will eventually have more things upcoming. First of old stuff from The Giant's Dream are being added to digital streaming services. We started with our 2005 self-titled debut so far:

The band NO CODA recently re-branded and will henceforth be known as The Entire Cast. We just got our first single/video "Trixxy" released. But more stuff is sort of done and we keep working on new material.

I got a busy schedule with lots of mastering also but trying to make room for working on a mix of old and new Alpha Mound songs that seems to fit well enough together too form a pretty cute album. Of course it's hard to speculate when I will be pleased enough with it to release it so I guess only time will tell.

Live recording, digital release & another show!

Today I decided to finish up the mastering of my live show at Kungen. And since it is done why not release it! It comes in digital format over at Bandcamp.

The first song from the show is however not featured since I forgot to start the recording. It was a pretty long live set but very fun to do! The reason I did a live show for the release was pretty much only since Karin and Jon from [krig] encouraged me enough to actually do it. Of which I am very grateful of course since it turned out pretty good.

This weekend I am actually doing another show up in Umeå at Verkligheten during Littfest. I am both nervous and excited, and maybe I will record that show also for digital release depending on the circumstances.

Amass release!

Today is the day for the release of my cassette "Amass". It is released by Stålverk Records. It's been a while since a more proper release and I am very pleased with this one. I hope you might enjoy it also. Tonight I will do a live show at Kungen in celebration of this release!

You can stream the cassette at Spotify. Or stream/download over at Bandcamp.

Sagan om Lilla Vargen

More things being released in the early part of the new year! It is called "Sagan om Lilla Vargen" or in english something like "The Tale of the Little Wolf". It is a collaborative effort featuring me, Girilal Baars, Olle Oljud, Slim Vic composing the music and Elin Hjulström Lord doing the illustrations and graphics. It will be released on Lamour Records on LP and in digital format on the 12:th of February.

The album tells the tale of the little wolf that has to move from the forest and in to the big city. It is a story about existential search in many ways. Being uprooted and loosing that which is familiar and making a new path in a frightening and complex world. A search for meaning and happiness all in the perspective from a small wolf of course.

Find out more here (in swedish):
Or pre-order the vinyl here: