Sagan om Lilla Vargen

More things being released in the early part of the new year! It is called "Sagan om Lilla Vargen" or in english something like "The Tale of the Little Wolf". It is a collaborative effort featuring me, Girilal Baars, Olle Oljud, Slim Vic composing the music and Elin Hjulström Lord doing the illustrations and graphics. It will be released on Lamour Records on LP and in digital format on the 12:th of February.

The album tells the tale of the little wolf that has to move from the forest and in to the big city. It is a story about existential search in many ways. Being uprooted and loosing that which is familiar and making a new path in a frightening and complex world. A search for meaning and happiness all in the perspective from a small wolf of course.

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