Upcoming cassette release on Stålverk Records!

Some time during January 2016 I will finally release something new containing more than one song. If you disregard remixes and collaborations the last thing was "Endless Embark" in 2012. So it has been quite a while. I have since then been working on two "albums" which are still incomplete in various ways but the third one I started about a year ago is the one that actually reached completion.

I have some intention of trying to fix the other two but since making various new things not relating to anything is a more fun and care-free process I'm not sure if they ever will be released. However this one will be.

It is called "Amass", and is a four song song album clocking in at around 42 minutes. It will be released on cassette and in digital form. I'm very happy to get something new out and on the Stålverk label to boot!