Live: 2012-04-07

I will perform live at a art festival in Sandviken on Saturday 7/4. Looking forward to it a lot and happy I got a opportunity to play at this kind of event since it changes how I approach the live situation. I will play no songs at all, only free-form loops. What the future holds for live shows is hard to say but the with the fun I had making loops at home (and some agony when it sounds like shit) probably means I will in some way or other try to continue doing this.

Here is a link to the Facebook event:

And here is a link to the blog of the gallery who hosts the festival:

And maybe most importantly, the blog for the festival:

Post-show update:
It was great fun and of course my intention of only free-form loops changed, and while rehearsing I actually wrote something that now has become a song, "The Sign of the Serpent" a LFO-loop as the backbone has now grown in to some electronic drums and what not. It will appear on my next release of which I am currently working on. Anyhow, since it was a art festival there were visual art there also and I had the nice opportunity to hang the collages I made for the the "Burning Words" artwork and some other pieces I made during the same time. Here's a photo of that: