In the news

This past week I have been participating in a orchestra called WOBZ. We made some shows and performed a piece called "Sagan om Lilla Vargen". It was a very nice time and some fun shows together with the musical constellation consisting of me, Olle Oljud, Girilal Baars and Viktor Zeidner. And maybe later something will be compiled into a proper release from this orchestra. The sounds we made we're quite ambient and noisy for the most part but in a structured format. Improvisation inside a frame is one description that comes to mind. The venues we're quite interesting also with two libraries and lots of small children listening.


We got some articles in the local papers:

Both are in Swedish but the last one contains a short clip to be enjoyed by all (users of different languages).

In other news, I got a nomination for "Best local solo-artist" in Local Heroes. It's a sort award show focusing on music in this region. Daymare, the band I play with got a nomination for "Best video" for the song "Friend Fighter". The video is by Victor Claeson and can be streamed below. Weather (aka Susanne Trolleberg) who helped me with vocals on the "Burning Words" LP has received a nomination for "Up-and-coming local artist" (a bit though to translate that one.. but I guess it conveys the jest of it). Sebastian (who I played with in Aerial) and his band Simian Ghost got the nomination for "This years local record" for their great album "Youth" and the nomnation for "Best local band"! Here is a link to the Local Heroes site: