Coming soon...

There will be two Alpha Mound releases coming out quite soon. Not sure in which order but both stems from two unusual (and collaborative) approaches. One is for a art/nature video collaboration (with me providing the sound) and one is from the SA-FA-RI live show I participated in together with [krig], LO, Eldahid and Wild Invalid. The SA-FA-RI one is just a mix by me with all of aforementioned acts including me performing live. The video one is done with Ylenia Busolli where she has filmed amazing vistas and written words to accompany the video. Of this there will be three releases I guess, two video ones and one audio. The video ones will be one in italian and one in english, and the audio one will be instrumental. The music is actually a re-work and extension of the song "Nile" from the "Burning Words" LP.

Both the SA-RA-RI one and the audio from the video will be released (probably only) in digital format. Below are the cover artwork for both of these.

Photo by Karin Bäckström.
Taken during the SA-FA-RI session.

Original photo by Ylenia Busolli.
With digital collage edits by yours truly.