Dive In Chapter 4 - Sunclay

Released today on World Water Day and part of ”Dive In - Chapter 4” from Mare Nostrum Label. Honored to be part of this beautiful release and happy to have something out on the beautiful label that is Mare Nostrum.

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Living Drone 4 - astir

Today Living Drone 4 is out from fveld. And it features a track from me! So go ahead and give it a listen. It is a very special project with a beautiful output that I hope to be part of more times.

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I also did some animations, starting from palmdrop's original album art for the project, that can be seen on YouTube.


Today is the release day for the second single by me and Tidsrymd for this year! It is of course out through Stålverk and we have remixes from Leonard Hummer and Tangent Flow. Leonard Hummer has reworked the single into a more synth based production. While Tangent Flow takes the yet unreleased track "En plats i solen" and puts into a more chilled lo-fi context.

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Running Yarn

Finally the full album is out! Released through Sound Meditation of course. A huge thanks goes out to Damian Espinosa Ohlson for providing the visual backdrop here with all the single and album cover! Find him @the.sh.rine

Running Yarn is possibly my most extensive work to date. A album where recurrence is an important feature and where the threads weave and show them self in different guises over time.

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