Another track from the upcoming "Morphology" together with v e n n just hit the streaming sites! Go give it a listen and relax.

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Out today is the first two tracks from a upcoming album called "Morphology". It has it's origin in my Jamuary recordings from earlier this year but have gotten taken to the next level by the carfeul edits and additions from v e n n. Released by Sound Meditation. I hope you enjoy!

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Today Sound Meditation and Tsunami Sounds is releasing the final batch of tracks for their collaborative compilation I am happy to be included!

You can find my track here: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer

Placid Motion

This track was recorded some time ago now, but now it is up on YouTube and Bandcamp! Coming to streaming soon also. Partly-generative, partly-modular wholly... hmm... ambient?