Machina Hypnos, Vol. 3 (Ambient music for sleep)

Out today is the third instalment in the Machina Hypnos series. It's been some years since volume 2 so it was due for a follow up. Hope it can provide a relaxing audio backdrop this coming fall. Free download at Bandcamp or streaming at for example Spotify.

AMR#030 (Patch From Scratch)

While rehearsing to play the modular in a live setting I did this recording. A bit longer and obviously improvised track.

On sunday is a event called "Synth och motion" arranged by Lamour Records / PUSH festival and it is for this occasion I have been practicing so something similar (perhaps, improv can sound quite different) might be heard in the forests around Gävle during that afternoon.

The audio is available as a free download on my Bandcamp.

4 (Alpha Mound Rework)

A bit late on the update but that's how it goes sometimes bur for the record - I had the privilege to be part of a big remix project of Sleepsleeprepeat's album "The Calander Year". A track for each month of the year. I was happy to be able to do April or 4. The wonderful chirping/tingling sounds of the original with its contrasting slow and beautiful strings felt like a great starting point. It was released abot a month ago through Sound Meditation.

Listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer

En plats i solen + Jernnatt

Out today through Stålverk Records on CD and digital "En plats i solen", my collaboration with Tidsrymd. we have made the CD's available to order through our friends at Lamour Records at the Lamour Record Store.

Tonight we celebrate the release and also Stålverk at large with a event called "Jernnatt":

Listen: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer