Today I have the pleasure of presenting my new album. It feels very good getting this out there compared to rate I have been working and creating at these last years this one felt like a bit of a slog to be honest. Mostly at the editing stage, overdub and mixing stage. The main recordings where done over a couple if weeks I belive. I built the setup for this album and recorded the first song with the intention of doing it as a 2023 Jamuary. But when I snoozed on actually making a proper mix, video edit and all that it entails getting a jam out there I soon shifted the idea and gave up on Jamuary. Having recorded as multi-tracks if not always the best idea for getting tracks/jams out there fast and I embraced the idea of editing them fully instead. So off and on for a year now I have tweaked at the tracks, split them up and made this album from the original five recordings. I hope you enjoy. The actual live takes will be published in the following weeks. This one is released by Petite Victory Collective a fitting home for a hardware based album that originated and transformed from live takes and jams. Thanks to everyone keeping the wheels of that awesome machine running!

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REHEARSAL (FEB. 2024) [iPad + Modular + GTR + Synths + FX]

Tomorrow I am playing my first show in quite some time. I decided to make a full length video of one of the rehearsals. And while I was at it I put some text to it. I have also been gathering sounds from this setup while rehearsing and trying out different stuff and the plan at the moment is to eventually put all that into an album. But that might take some time until it sees the light if day.