Out today as a part of Lamour Records "Because we love music".

The basic material for the song Sporväxt (Spore growth) is improvised during a five-hour live concert in the forest outside Gävle. The song was then processed and refined in the studio.

Behind the name AKB resides instrumentalist Anna-Karin Berglund from Gävle, Sweden. Her debut album ”Marianergraven” was released on February 28th 2020 (on Lamour Records) and it is her own take on the ambient genre, with melodies moving slowly, forming a menacingly areal atmosphere, where the soaring laments are able to float freely across the sonic panorama. The first release under her own name came in April 2016 on the EP Söndagsbarn (via Lamour Records). In 2017 AKB was awarded ‘Best Solo Act’ of the year at the Local Heroes Gala in Gävle, Sweden.

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