AMR#022: Sway-01

Borrowed Yamaha Reface DX from a friend inspired me to make something with a smaller setup. Initially I wrote it with only synth and looper+fx. However I ended up adding bass with the Microbrute and some melody and kick with the Circuit because why not?

Download at Bandcamp:

Hardware Jam: 2020-10-04 (Ambient Bowed Electric Guitar)

Download song at Bandcamp:

Made as part of a weekend challenge on:

The challenge this weekend was: ”Select one synth, drum machine, groovebox, modular rack, gameboy, whatever, and show us what you can do with it! External effects are ok especially if the unit has none built-in. We are human after all!!”

I guess my take on it, in this case, is that the bowed guitar takes the place of a synth or other electronic instruments and since ”the unit” in this case has no effects built in I used my guitar pedals, a looper and some more guitar pedals after the looper. I am of course well aware that a guitar is not a electronic hardware instruments but I used the opportunity to get inspired and create with one sound source and a lot of processing.

Marstrand - The Black Logos (Alpha Mound 4-Track Cassette Remix)

Things have been quite busy setting the new studio in order, I have been doing stuff in the new setting but here is the first thing I publish from the new location! Thanks to Marstrand for the wonderful music! And letting me have a go at tweaking around with it. Find more of Marstrand at:,

Building Kit

Today is the release day for Building Kit! It is released digitally and on cassette by Do you dream of noise? Some of the songs have been in the making for quite some time but most of it was started about a year ago during a vacation. Or at least the parts that started to make it whole.

I am happy to see it hit the airwaves and also very happy Do you dream of noise? wanted to release it. Always fun/important when support and encouragement comes from a new direction. Thank you! It can be streamed in many places as usual and a cassette can be acquired from the label (or contact me directly). And also as usual, hope you enjoy!