BWLM 2017: Generative #001 (Edit - A2)

If you haven't checked out this years "Because we love music" from Lamour it's time to do so over at:

Today I got the honour of getting a song in there! This song started as an experiment in Ableton Live with midi-effects that creates random outcomes from a single note. The notes are then processed with threshold values stopping some and letting others pass through. The remaining notes are then harmonically transposed to confirm to a set scale. The randomness has then been edited to a degree that they no longer appear random. Other instruments has since then been added. It's free to download. Hope you like it!

Along with the release comes a drawing made by the talented Gustaf Lord during my show at Ambient Morning at this years PUSH! Festival.

Upcoming shows!

This week I am playing a early show on Thursday as a part of the PUSH festival 2017 in Gävle. My show is part of a series of shows this week called "Ambient Morning" taking place at Gävle Stadsbibliotek at 9 in the morning! More info over at: or check out the event on Facebook.

And in October I will have the honour to open for Lomaria at the release show for their new cassette "Världen är vår". Very much loooking forward to this event that will take place on October 27:th in Stockholm. Check out the event at Facebook.

Diskodans Recordings: DJ Sessions Vol 14 Alpha Mound

Not my usual thing but got asked and went happily forth to make a playlist/DJ session for Diskodans Recordings! It consists of a list of songs that has stuck with me for a longer time.

Slim Vic - Remixed part 3

My remix of Slim Vic's "Force Majeure" is featured on the recently released "Remixed part 3". It contains five remixes of songs from the album "Personliga artiklar" by five different artist. The artwork is by Rolfcarlwerner and the whole is mastered by me. The tracklist is as follows:

01 – Slim Vic – Plös (LEHNBERG REMIX)
02 – Slim Vic – Plös (Banglund sneakermixx)
03 – Slim Vic – Force Majeure (Alpha Mound Remix)
04 – Slim Vic – Talong (Robin Forest Remix 70 bpm)
05 – Slim Vic – Force Majeure (Maneten Superdub)

Listen to it at: