AMR#014 (Pulses) - Blurb

After working for seven days straight and getting some time off got the creativity going! Hope you enjoy.

Relase: Temper

Today is the release day for Temper! A three track EP/album based around the Tascam Ministudio Porta 02 MKII and a more or less fixed setup around it. The main parts have been recorded live with a minimal amount of overdubs (which are also all featured in the video). It's been a fun project to stick to a certain setup for a release but also a challenge. The initial thought was to make something even longer/more tracks but after sitting on this material for awhile it started to make sense that this was a complete work as is. So here it is, three videos on one day and it is also available at my Bandcamp (and other streaming services). Below you find the Spotify-embed if you rather just listen than watch.

Dismal Sense / Brilliant Fracture

A collaboration with Bitcrushhabitual that is released today! Been very nice working on this together and hopefully we can make more music together! Check out Bitcrushhabitual's Instagram at:

AMR#014 (Pulses) - Hanging On

A bit of a continuation on the same setup as last time. But had to break out the big Boss-looper though since this needed midi-sync between the Volca Beats and the looped material. Tremolo on drums was also a new thing, works well in doing a short drum loop a bit more lively.