AMR#014 (Pulses) - Irregular

Managed to squeeze one more hardware/looping session in before the year was over!

Reel Box

As part of this years Because we love music from Lamour I have made a track using a music box and a reel-to-reel player (and also, a lot of cutting and pasting in Ableton).

AMR#016 (iOS) - Longing

Had this laying around since may this year planning on do more with a similar setup. Never did though and now a new sort of iOS based setup is the focus so decided to release this as it is. The visuals in the background is courtesy of @deepspace_fine (at Instagram) and a big thanks for letting me use these!

Fall round-up

I have been snoozing a bit on documenting things on the blog lately. But since it is more for my own sake like a public musical diary (I don't expect people to be reading this at all) it don't matter so much! But here is a collection of things that has happened during the fall of 2019 so far:

The first song from my collaboration with Daniel Palmberg sees publication through Bandcamp:

This song also have a accompanying video that eventually will be made available online. So far it has only been shown on Exit Filmfestival.

Did a visit on the Lamour Records Podcast a couple of weeks ago! Kind of scary talking on mic but also a fun thing to do! The podcast is in Swedish and can be found here:

The day after recording this my remix of Mystic Order's track Voyager 12 hit the streaming sites.

This song is also made available at YouTube with what was planned as a video-remix of sorts but ended up being a text blinking thing-a-majig instead.

Last but not least I had the great opportunity of returning with a live show at this years PUSH festival! The venue this year was very special at Länsmuseet Gävleborg. If you want to have a look and listen it has also been made available at YouTube.

Whats coming up next is another live show and also I'm hoping to make the cut for a compilation being released soon! I also have more things on the collaborative side that are upcoming, gig at Vindöga festival together with Daniel Palmberg, a cassette with the same project. A possible gig with [krig] and also a release of a collaboration that's been awhile in the making. So a lot too look forward to!