BWLM 2018 - Dark web

Yeasterday a new track of mine got released as part of Lamour Records "Because we love music". It will be available on Spotify on Christmas but for now, go ahead and stream and download for free at Soundcloud!

Creating As Purpose -

I got for me at least, a somewhat unusual request from to write about my music. So I obliged of course and this is the result!

Fragment Procedure - Subaqueous

Last night during the night shift at work I tried out SpaceCraft on my phone. A granular synth from

When I got home instead of going to sleep I installed it on the iPad and made this song. I like the synth very much! And the plan is to collect songs featuring this app as the main instrument under the header "Fragment Procedure". Now I really need some sleep...

Machina Hypnos Vol. 1

Long form ambient for sleepless nights.