AMR#014 (Pulses) - Hanging On

A bit of a continuation on the same setup as last time. But had to break out the big Boss-looper though since this needed midi-sync between the Volca Beats and the looped material. Tremolo on drums was also a new thing, works well in doing a short drum loop a bit more lively.

AMR#014 (Pulses) - Wriggle

Bought a new synth the other day! IK Multimedia Uno. And also got back my Volca Beats that had been on loan to a friend for some time. So this of course happened.

Fragment Procedure - Brambleing (SpaceCraft + Casiotone 501)

My second go at making music with the SpaceCraft app turned into this song.

Check the app out at:

BWLM 2018 - Dark web

Yeasterday a new track of mine got released as part of Lamour Records "Because we love music". It will be available on Spotify on Christmas but for now, go ahead and stream and download for free at Soundcloud!