AMR#009-002 (Access Virus TI Polar / Laura)

Sooner than expected I managed to finish this quite more video-edit-heavy overdub video. It get's easier as I learn the software of course. The Virus preset "Laura" plays very nicely in a ambient context!

AMR#009-001 (Ambient Turntablism)

So I had the idea for this kicking around for a couple of weeks but kinda heavy gear to bring on the holiday. I got home two days ago and today I had the focus to both film and edit! This will probably get an overdub video also as when I tried playing along with my Acces Virus favourite preset "Laura" it sounded quite good. So hopefully that will work out. I have another overdub idea for #008 but we'll see if I get around to continue with that one. Right now this feels more fun of course! Hope you enjoy!

AMR#008 (Resampled + Circuit)

Today the song #008 moved away from improvised/ambient to more of a prepared techno/dub style work still keeping some ambient elements though. This is my last video/recording resampled onto the SP-404SX accompanied by the Circuit providing drums and synths. The SP-404SX has been prepared with samples edited in Ableton Live, and the Circuit has been prepared with drums and synths before recording.

AMR#008 (Overdub#001)

Yesterday I recorded a second track on top of my original improvised track. So it got a video of it's own. The thought is to keep this project a bit open-ended in the sense that I can continue to mash-up the sounds and overdub as I feel like and keep posting the tracks on YouTube and Bandcamp.