Dismal Sense / Brilliant Fracture

A collaboration with Bitcrushhabitual that is released today! Been very nice working on this together and hopefully we can make more music together! Check out Bitcrushhabitual's Instagram at: www.instagram.com/bitcrushhabitual/

AMR#014 (Pulses) - Hanging On

A bit of a continuation on the same setup as last time. But had to break out the big Boss-looper though since this needed midi-sync between the Volca Beats and the looped material. Tremolo on drums was also a new thing, works well in doing a short drum loop a bit more lively.

AMR#014 (Pulses) - Wriggle

Bought a new synth the other day! IK Multimedia Uno. And also got back my Volca Beats that had been on loan to a friend for some time. So this of course happened.

Fragment Procedure - Brambleing (SpaceCraft + Casiotone 501)

My second go at making music with the SpaceCraft app turned into this song.

Check the app out at: https://www.deltavaudio.com/