Subharmonicon & Chance

Song also available at Bandcamp

I wanted to give my new acquisition the Moog Subharmonicon a test and after two initial setups/approaches this is what I landed on. A combination with some new stuff in Ableton Live 11.

The chance in the title refers to the new function in the midi-editor that you can put a % value on midi notes. So this is what is happening with the drums that have been pre-programmed. They have somewhere between 90% and 35% to trigger. All drum samples comes from Lullatone’s new sample set ”Domestic Drums”:

Another chance element is using the new Max for Live device ”Tree Tone” that comes in the ”Inspired by Nature” pack of devices:

I’m using the rain feature and controlling the amount of rain and speed with the Midi Fighter Twister. Which is also controlling the volume of the arp and and a midi stacking of Mopho x4 organ sound (a sound called ”Kitchen Sync” one octave above the notes played on the x4) using the new MPE features in Ableton and the aftertouch function on the Mopho x4.

The voice sample is a reading from Lord Dunsany’s ”51 tales”.