Upcoming release: Mesopic

Some time during the beginning of this year I will put out my second cassette release on Stålverk Records. This time it is a eight track album featuring, in some way, more beat-based songs. The album will be called "Mesopic" and contains some pretty old stuff (pre "Amass") that has been in the work for a long time but never finished until now. It will be a 30 minutes long cassette and for maximum symmetry it will of course feature 15 minutes on either side.

The tracklist will be as follow:

A1 - Lodestone
A2 - Kuddas Molnberg
A3 - Sparks
A4 - Event Data
B1 - The Ninth Son of the Hurricane
B2 - John Frum
B3 - Eulogy
B4 - Gentle Doomsayer

I´m really looking forward to getting this out there and hopefully it won't be too many months until it can happen. Just some (1) finishing touches, and committing to these, some more (2) adjustment and committing once more and then, repeat step (1) and (2) and then on to tape duplication and digital distribution!