Sunken Skeleton

Release date: 2016-12-01
Running time: 7:47
Format: Digital

The song “Sunken Skeleton” is the original title of the last song from my EP “The Constellation of a Pond”. But after a lot of reworking it got a slightly less dark title and was released under the name “The Moon’s reflection later that night”. So this is an earlier version of the same material, more drone and more, well, sunken.

Released as part of the 2016 BWLM from Lamour Records! In their words: "During 24 days and nights we are going to present you with an unique song, mix or a recording previously never released, with artist related or loved by Lamour Records. Everything is free for download and if this calendar strikes any resemblance with X-mas calendars, it’s all just an imaginary coincidence.

We do this – because we love music!"

Visit Lamour for all of the songs released as part of the 2016 BWLM.

Listen/download: Soundcloud / Spotify